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"Кто-нибудь из вас умеет плавать?"

Translation:Do any of you know how to swim?

November 10, 2015



Are any of you able to swim? Just for a bit of context guys, I'm Irish, I live in Ireland. I don't speak formal American English, I just speak English. There are so many ways to translate Russian sentences into English.


If there's a translation you think should be accepted, use the 'report' button to ask them to add it.


You're right but with Russian, there can be so many options.


What I mean is that there's no point mentioning it here.


Is there any distinction between one person knowing how to swim or multiple, from the Russian sentence? I.e., does this mean specifically "Do any of you know how to swim" or could it also mean Does anyone of you know how to swim", or should it just translate to the latter?


Oh my gosh! This so strange. Don't even know the individual Russian words

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