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  5. "Ніхто не знає, де вона живе."

"Ніхто не знає, де вона живе."

Translation:Nobody knows where she lives.

November 10, 2015



No one and nobody are the same. "No one knows where she lives " should also be accepted


Please report if it's not, it was overlooked.


Does this not read "Nobody does not know where she lives"?


Yes, in Ukrainian we use double negative as opposed to English where it's grammatically incorrect.

Ніхто не знає | Nobody knows

Я нічого не хочу | I don't want anything

Я ніколи не була в США | I have never been to the USA

[deactivated user]

    Double negatives are alive and well in informal speech, but shouldn't ever be used in an academic or professional situation.

    "We don't need no education." ;)


    Ніхто ніколи ніде нічого не робить. :)

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