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Alternate translation for sentence I encountered on my phone

(Yes, you can do the course on your phone, just not in the app. But the one drawback is no report button, so I'm putting it here while I still remember it. I am submitting this post on my work computer, so no Cyrillic keyboard...grumble grumble...)

EDITED TO ADD: I'm on my tablet now, so I can tell you the original sentence is Здесь нет хлеба.

I encountered a sentence translating variously as "There is no bread here" and "Is there no bread here?"

I translated it as "Is there not any bread here?" and it got marked wrong. The other answers are right too; I just wanted to put this out there as an alternate translation. :-)

November 10, 2015



Since this isn't the sentence discussion, you really need to put the original Russian sentence for anyone to tell if that is accurate. Did you know that you can go to the Russian forum and do a search for the sentence to find the sentence discussion? https://www.duolingo.com/topic/920/sent


Actually, I wasn't aware of that. Thanks!


I do not know Russian but it sounds like your translation is literal and while being grammatically correct in Russian, sounds very odd and grammatically incorrect in English.

Literal translations sound like they come from Google translate or other robotic translation software and are discouraged on Duo.


I don't know about the part of the country you're from, but it wouldn't sound bad in the South.

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