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  5. "Les plans des villes"

"Les plans des villes"

Translation:Maps of cities

January 8, 2013



would "de ville" and "des villes" pronounced differently?


yes, the vowel sound in "des" is the same as in the English "bet", while "de" is the sound of "but"


Note - that only works for Northern pronunciation of "but". For Southerners, it's more like "good"/"hood".


Northerners and Southerners from where? The vast majority of French learners here are not even Anglophone, you know?


N/S of England. My apologies for not being clearer - I assumed you spoke English with an Northern accent and would understand exactly what I meant, since Northern people pronounce "but" with the same vowel as French "de", while Southern people pronounce "but" with a vowel not really found in French, but is close to a de-nasalised version of "un" (if you see what I mean).


Why is "The cities' maps wrong?" but "Maps of cities" is correct?

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