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  5. "Ложки нет."

"Ложки нет."

Translation:There is no spoon.

November 10, 2015


[deactivated user]

    "Do not try to bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth." "What truth?" "Ложки нет." "Say what?"


    Why not "there are no spoons"?


    Both English and Russian can express "there is no spoon" and "there are no spoons". The original sentence has ложка in singular (if you wanted to use the plural, it would be «Ложек нет»).

    [deactivated user]

      Why is that again?


      Because when you have "нет" (which is to say, trying to express the absence of something), the object of the phrase (the thing of which there is nothing) must be in the genitive. Basically, you are saying that "there is none OF a spoon", or "there are none OF spoons" (tortured when put literally in English, of course, but that's the sense in Russian -- perhaps a slightly more idiomatic way would be "there is a lack of a spoon" / "there is a lack of spoons").

      So while ложка / ложки are the singular / plural for spoon in the nominative, the genitive has ложки / ложек for its singular and plural.

      (Most feminine nouns have the plural nominative the same as the singular genitive. Why? shrug that's just the way it is.)

      So: "There is no spoon." = "Ложки нет." "There are no spoons." = "Ложек нет."

      (But: "There is a spoon." = "Ложка есть." "There are spoons." = "Ложки есть." ...because a thing which is actually present, is expressed in the nominative.)

      TL/DR: sigh. Russian.

      [deactivated user]


        Great explanation!


        Have a lingot. This pic NEEDED to be here.


        I came for this comment specifically!


        It's also a line from "Dog Soldiers'.


        "There is not a spoon must" be also correct but it is not valid as an answer. Please check it because russian idea should be the important thing, not the exact english grammar.


        That's not even a comprehensible sentence . Maybe if you dumped the word must.


        Lol. How would you say "not a spoon", though?


        That would depend on context - what do you mean by "not a spoon"?


        "(This is/he is/it is) not a spoon." as opposed to "(There is) not a spoon (here)."


        Это не ложка, I think.


        Thanks, you two!


        how do i say : "no spoon" in Russian? Is it ложки нет? Or what makes ложки нет referring to the absence of something it are only two words? Is because it is genitive?


        What is no spoon ? Do you mean the lack of spoons or something that is not a spoon or what?


        Usually we would say we have no spoons or there arent any spoons, there is no spoon here, the gremlins ate the spoon.. its not word for word


        It literally says no spoon


        I have a friend from Kazakhstan with a tattoo of a spoon that says "there is no spoon", referring to the Matrix.


        is simply 'no spoons' ok or do i have to add 'there is'?


        There are - "spoons" is plural. And yes, it is required.


        isnt the word "Ложки" plural? if yes then why is "there are no spoons" incorrect???


        ложки is the wrong plural form.


        There isn't a spoon or there is no spoon should be both accepted

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