"Vous lisez les lettres des petites filles."

Translation:You are reading the little girls' letters.

January 8, 2013

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Could this be "you read the letters 'from' the small girls"


I thought so too...


Of course! Even in French, the same preposition (de) is sometimes for possession (like Engl. "of") and sometimes for origin ("from"), as in, "Elle est de Paris" or "Elle vient de Paris," both of which are translated as FROM Paris.

In English, "letters FROM a person" is a perfectly idiomatic expression.


doesn't petite fille also mean grand daughter?



This is part of what my French penpal wrote in one of her emails. She doesn't speak any English at all, so I have to write to her in French and she's always written to me in French. Years ago she wrote a few letters to me in English and I couldn't understand her English at all. I could understand her better in French.

I thought she meant "grand-daughter." She doesn't have a hyphen in between "petite" and "fille" but it still means "grand-daughter" in the sentence. Virginie is one of her daughters.

One of the reasons why I'm doing French on Duolingo, is to keep my French up, so I could write to her. I have no problems understanding her letters. I just can't write what I want. I tried Google Translate sometimes, but it makes lots of mistakes.

"j'ai une petite fille de plus, Virginie a eu une fille le 5 Octobre elle s'appelle Manon, je vous enverrai des photos"


yes, when there is a hyphen: petite-fille


Why is "des petites filles" but "de grands chats" ? This is driving me crazy


"des" is not the indefinite article here, it is the contraction of "de-les" (of the), and "petites filles" is complement of the noun "lettres".


the word bank is confusing because the noun "girls" is not put into genitive it should read girls' instead of just girls.


"you are reading the letters of the little girls"

Is it right?


Agree with you Your translation (and mine) should be accepted


Would it rather be: little girls' ?


one cannot construct so called "correct" translation because of the words given. The word girls has no " ' " . It should be reconstructed and redone. Very confusing.


The dictionary translates petites filles as granddaughters


Please take a closer look: granddaughters is "petites-filles", with a hyphen.


couldn't it also be "little daughters"?


'You are reading the letters of the small girls' is just as good.

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