Why can't I just send a discussion to my classrooms? It would help a lot.☺

November 10, 2015


HI! What do you mean by "send a discussion"? You mean a forum post like this one?

I have six classrooms set up but i would like to be able to message my students only.

Ah, right now we do not offer a messaging service through Duolingo. Is there an external service that might do the same thing? Or were you thinking more of sending reminders? Please tell us in more detail what you have in mind. :]

Ok thank you very much! I was thinking wouldn't it be convenient for the teacher to be able to have a discussion that is only for the classes that they have? So for example I start a discussion but only my classes can see it and comment. Not the public. It could be connected by entering the classroom. Like the activity bar tells the teacher everybody's results and participation, it would awesome if I could reply to my students like great job! or keep up the good work! maybe it can be a symbol that i can hit for each of them. So if you were in my class and completed a specific task I would be able to send a note or a sticker saying well done.

This is a good idea, and it has been requested before so you are not alone! The team takes note of all of these and give it careful consideration when planning out our next priorities. :)

Looking forward indeed

ah, that's just what I need now ...

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