"Det er mange grunner til at dette skjedde."

Translation:There are many reasons that this happened.

November 10, 2015

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Would this sentence work if 'til at' was removed?


No, it would be incomplete. But you could change the word order and use 'av' instead: "Dette skjedde av mange grunner."


obviously we can't use hvorfor here, because it's interrogative, so is 'til at' the convention for sentences like

There're many reasons why.... I don't know why.... etc?


"Det er mange grunner til at [subordinate clause]."
"Det er mange grunner til det/dette/hendelsen/krigen."

As you can see, the subordinate conjunction at is only needed if the first clause is followed by a substantive subordinate clause, rather than a single (pro)noun.

For "I don't know why..." you'd use "hvorfor" just as in English: "Jeg vet ikke hvorfor...".


so does this mean that the above sentence doesn't need "at"


Yes it does. "til at" together means why and you need a subordinate clause after that. "Til" in the given example means for (There are many reasons for this/the war.).


could "for at" be used here instead of "til at"?

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