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"I am a builder and my dad is a writer."

Translation:Я строитель, а мой папа — писатель.

November 10, 2015



Why can't I use и to mean and?


Basically because there is a contrast in professions, and in Russian "а" has a contrastive meaning, where "и" indicates predicative agreement in constructions like this. If your father was also a builder, you could say "и мой папа тоже строитель."


I wrote: Я строитель а мои папа писатель. It was marked wrong because I didn't put a dash between папа and писатель. Is a dash compulsory here?


Duolingo doesn't take punctuation into account when marking answers right or wrong. The reason you got this one wrong is because you wrote "мои" instead of "мой". "Мои" is plural 'my' and "мой" is masculine singular 'my'. Your answer, though only off by a letter, was incorrect. The dash is not compulsory here.


Thanks! Very helpful.

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