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Is there a way to go back and look at a particular discussion?

I like to do the "strengthen skills" with the timer, and so I don't like to look at the discussions (I think the timer should pause if you do... too bad it doesn't).

Is there a way to go back and look at the discussion I want?

November 10, 2015



You can search the sentences either on Duolingo or on Google using quote marks.


Click on 'follow discussion' and go back to it when you're done with your practice. Or search it up later.


How do you "go back to it"?

I don't think there is a list of discussions you have followed, is there?


Yeah, it's in Discussions:

Followed discussions


Ah, thanks - never paid much attention to that tab.

Is the sort order the same as on the other tabs of discussions, i.e. ordered by the first comment that started the discussion?

That would make any old discussions essentially impossible to find if you are following more than a couple dozen (as I tend to).


I believe it's the order that you followed them, but I may be wrong.


That would be the most useful order. Will have to test that.



I believe that after the time runs out you can review your answers but I have never done it myself so not sure how it is done.


It's true that you can review your answers, but you can't get to the discussions from there

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