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  5. "Das Mädchen ist willkommen."


"Das Mädchen ist willkommen."

January 8, 2013



Not really sure what this sentence means in English. "Welcome" has at least 3 meanings:

1) greeting = Willkommen 2) reply to thanks e.g. A: "The girl thanked you" B: "The girl is welcome" 3) permitting or accepting something, e.g. "The girl is welcome to take a leaflet"

In other languages a different word would be used for each sense. Given that English is quite close to German it is plausible that willkommen could be used for all senses but it just seems a bit odd, can someone else clarify?


Although I'm a bit late, I hope you will read this: Willkommen is only used in the sense of 1), not only as greeting, but also as adjective. In this manner, that you're welcome at your parents place, they would welcome you with open arms. That's 'willkommen sein' in german, being requested, demanded, desired, whatsoever.

In addation: 2) You're welcome. = Gern geschehen. (- I did that gladly). 3) In german, you would either use an adverb (like 'gern') or a modal particle (http://duolingo.com/#/comment/122572), but usually combined with a recommanding verb. For your exapmple: Sie darf sich gern eine Broschüre nehmen. Another one: 'Sie soll sich ruhig setzen'.


I was listening at my friends German yesterday when the computer brought up the word "single" and it was used with the same meaning as in English by saying: "Die Single" referred to a person. I would like you to know that is totally wrong. Referred to a person the meaning of "single" is, for a woman you would say: "Alleinstehende" and for a man: "Alleinstehender"


I don't know what this has to do with the lesson at hand, but the word 'single' referring to a single person is certainly used in Germany, I've heard it for example in ads for dating websites. In fact it's in the dictionary as a colloquialism. http://dict.tu-chemnitz.de/deutsch-englisch/Single.html


In English this meaning of "single" is only really used in the plural. Also, you listen TO your friend's German.


I always put the stress in willkommen on will, not kommen. The program doesnt sense it, but I still want to say it correctly. When do i put the stress in German?


why is it "the girl" and not "that girl" ? (for Das Madchen translation). Thanks!


I can't get the meaning. Totally confused ! Please, I need help :)


"Das Maedchen ist wilkommen" does not mean anything but: "The girl is welcome" such as to visit or to stay, etc. As you would say in English "The girl is welcome to stay or to visit."


So is "Das Maedchen ist willkommen besuchen" valid German?


No it is not. You would not add the word "Besuchen" It would make you understand automatically out of the context of the conversation. But you could say: "Das Maedchen ist willkommen uns zu Besuchen" meaning "The girl is welcome to visit us."


OK thanks, but why is Besuchen capitalized?


Maedchen for me is a young lady rather a girl . I would not say Maedchen to an 8 year old girl. is it correct?


I'm not a native speaker, but I'm pretty sure Maedchen goes for all girls, what word would you suggest instead as a translation for girl?


maybe it lies on how you want to express.

the words are not a lot important in languages , the most important things are desired expressions and the phrases.


This sentence doesn't make sense.


what is the plural for girl ?


What the actual flick? What's the meaning of "The girl is welcome"? Is it supposed to mean something like "The girl is welcomed"?

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