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  5. "Do you know this school?"

"Do you know this school?"

Translation:Ты знаешь эту школу?

November 10, 2015



When going from Russian toEnglish,DL uses " Ты знаешь", and going English to Russian, "Вы знаете" is used. Is there a reason other than to teach us different words same meaning?


Ты is used to people like your family and friends and Вы for unknow people(in the singular) and the plural. Вы is the formal way to speak with unknow people.


I am having issues with pronoun dropping. Sometimes yes, sometimes no?

Any advice?

[deactivated user]

    It's generally safer not to drop them than to drop.

    However, I believe this sentence would sound OK without «вы».


    Why is школу here written with an 'у' rather than an 'a'?

    Whats the rule behind it?


    Because школу is the direct object of the sentence, and you need to use the accusative case


    Not accusative, locative

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