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  5. "Whose milk are you drinking?"

"Whose milk are you drinking?"

Translation:Чьё молоко ты пьёшь?

November 10, 2015



When choosing a form of "whose", is it based on the noun or the verb? чье because of молоко or because of пьешь?


It's "Чьё" because of молоко.

[Whose milk] [are you drinking]


Both in a way. It needs to agree with its noun - in this case молоко - in gender and case. Молоко happens to be neuter, and in this sentence it's in accusative because the verb пить "to drink" wants an object in accusative case. So "whose" has to appear in the neuter accusative form as well to match молоко (although luckily the accusative form is always identical to the nominative for neuter (and singular) nouns).


How is "whose" чьё when milk ends with an o which means it is neuter and for neuter shouldnt it be чеи́?


чей - masculine

чья - feminine

чьё - neuter

чьи - plural


Молоко is in accusative here, right?


Is it because the "drink" part is acting on the milk?


As we are practicing the relative pronoun "чьё" here, it would be more challenging to use different options of those pronouns as the possible answers.


If "Whose milk is it?" is "Чьё это молоко?". I don't see why "Whose milk are you drinking?" can't be "Чьё ты пьёшь молоко?"

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