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Lesson randomly turned from En->Ru to En->It?

I was in the middle of a Russian practice/review lesson when I clicked continue and was presented with an Italian sentence to translate into English. I was able to since I've already finished the Italian tree, but was very confused, especially when the practice problems continued on in Italian until I finished the practice lesson. The switch to change to Cyrillic characters was still in the corner of the lessons. When I finished the lesson, the little flag by my icon changed from the Russian flag to the Italian. I'm guessing that this was just a little bug since Russian is still in Beta, but it was very surprising

November 10, 2015



I encountered something similar when I switched languages on my computer and then went to my phone which was still on a different language, but not yet on wifi. Suddenly I had wifi, and the switch occurred mid lesson. Highly amusing! They don't have Russian for the phone yet do they? I used to do Dutch on the computer, then go to the phone and I accidentally was on the English from Dutch course and it actually took me several lessons before I realized I was on the reverse course.


Did you have another tab in Italian opened in the background? This has happened to me before with various languages, I had say, a Swedish lesson opened in one tab, and I was currently working on an Irish lesson in another tab, and all of the sudden I had a Swedish translation in the Irish tab! Duo doesn't work well when different lessons are open in different tabs.

Hope this helped!

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