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What about microphone excercices on the Russian new language package? Huge thanks for the beta!!

Is it just me or there are no microphone excercices on the russian new language package? When are those coming out? These sound like ungrateful questions, but i want to express my gratitude for the work of all the folks who developped the russian package! Keep up the good work! You guys made me so happy! So another question is how are you guys succeeding in Russian? Let's learn! Greetings from Bulgaria!!!

November 10, 2015



Duolingo speaking exercises are notorious for pretty bad speech recognition (up to being unable to distinguish “yes” and ”no”), you're not missing much.


Thanks! But with those excercices, even without good evaluation, i still speak and pronounce words, and despite no good feedback, i do learned a lot of stuff. Speaking is my weakest skill. Anyways thanks for the answer, and good luck with languages!


You might as well just pronounce out loud all the other exercises, (which I recommend). I highly recommend sites like GoSpeaky.com where you can easily find native speakers or other learners proficient in the language to chat and skype with in a regular basis.


Wow, I've never heard of GoSpeaky. Thanks for the resource!


There are microphone exercises. I'm at level seven, so maybe there aren't any at the lower levels, I forget.


I think that you are right. And hey it's already mobile!


I just got a microphone exercise today in the Russian language course! I do not recall exactly where it came up, most likely Genitive I because I just went back through it again today. Perhaps there are more microphone exercises but I personally had to turn it off as I'm just not ready for them. I was happy to see it come up though, it seems they are there somewhere!

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