"Папа в метро."

Translation:Dad is in the subway.

November 10, 2015

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How is the в pronounced? When I slow it down, it almost sounds like static.


hey there, I am native Russian-speaker. If your question still bothers you, В and other prepositions tend to be pronouced together with the next word without pauses (as it is often done in English, too), so it can be a bit swallowed there and not distinct wnough. the sound itself is pretty similar to English 'v' but with less teeth


In this sentence, it's pronounced more like the English "F". It's common for "В" to be pronounced as "F" when it's easier. So it's like "Papa fMetro".


V. say "vampire" and remove the "ampire". If you'd turn the cyrillic into latin, в = v.


"Dad is at the metro" would surely get a correct reply. I know how prepositions differ between English and Russian.


В translates directly to in, so it couldn't be 'dad is at the metro'


Dad is in metro is wrong?


In English, I'd want to say ‘Dad is in the metro.’.


"Dad is in the metro" is also counted as wrong. Even though the help text says that "the metro" is correct.

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    I don't think it's wrong, it's just not the usual way US EN refers to the метро. It works in UK EN.


    UK Eng native here, "in metro" doesn't make sense, metro would need 'a' or 'the' unless it's a proper noun (like a shop called Metro).


    he/she is going off Russian... ie the rough translation... Папа В Метро, dad is in metro/subway... it so mshould work but it isn't... the easiest way to learn Russian is to forget about 'the', 'is'(well not fully) and 'a'... so if it is Рюкзак в таски... just say 'Backpack in taxi'... as Russian drops most particles it mashes sense to do it this way... the rough translation makes lessening easier in my opinion because it goes straight to the basis of Russian which would be drop particles make is easy and simple(unless you're taking about grammar rules)


    It may be worth noting that метро is the correct form of the noun, since метро does not change in the prepositional case. I originally thought this should be метре, which is wrong.


    Being an American, a translation that makes more sense for me is "Dad is on the subway.". Fortunately, that is acceptable. :)


    Why is it ok to say "in the subway" but wrong "at the subway"? I think is a little bit odd the first one.


    Im thinking "in the subway" would be in the subway tunnel or station. "On the subway" would be on the actual train. "At the subway" would be at the only Subway sandwich shop nearby or the one you and the person you are talking to know about commonly or...just outside of the subway entrance to the station.


    This might make things more clear/help solve some debates. The first image is from WordReference:

    You can view the entire discussion thread here.

    The next two images are from Reverso:


    Is the в elided here? I played that many times and only heard "папа метро", but the slow button pronounces the в very distinctly and separate.


    Should "dad is at the metro" be marked wrong? It seems like a good translation. The top "translation" of "метро" is Subway, but "metro" is also listed as a valid alternative...


    is it really important to pronounce the "B"? I can't hear the "B" in normal speed but in slow speed I can hear it clearly.


    ive come here to complain that their is no B in the fast example, the robot may be saying it "papav" but you cant tell because of the quite harsh "pah pah"


    Dad is at the metro should also be correct as many English speaking countries also refer to "subways" as the metro.


    Why that is in Subway is wrong?


    Because the correct sentance is: dad is in the subway


    Okay, it now said the answer was 'Dad is in the Tube"... I'm not British, so I don't call the subway or train the 'tube"... This should be adjusted to allow for other answers.

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      The official best solution is .. In the Subway, which is clearly wrong, Subway is a sandwich shop. It should be subway. But Tube, to my mind is understandable for UK EN, but is only, in reality, limited to London. Other places in the UK, where there is an underground railway use metro (for example, Newcastle).


      What about underground (British English)?


      underground is only used by people in london as it is the official name of that metro system, "the london undergound" is a metro/subway system in london


      Why exactly it requires "the" instead of "a"? Must it be specific subway?


      If you were at the subway, you would be at the subway station, not in the actual subway.


      Why is "Dad is at the metro" not accepted?


      Father is equivalent too!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      Father is the formal option in English. It corresponds to "отец" in Russian. Dad is a less formal option in English, so it is a better translation for "пара".


      it can also be translated as "dad is at the metro", acctualy "dad is on the subway" isnt the translaton, if it would be "papa na metro" then it would mean hes literaly ON the metro


      Dad is in the underground should be accepted, because that's how you call a 'metro' in London, England. A subway is an underground passage:not the same at all.


      It is a small point but in English we would say on the subway rather than in if the intent is to say that he is riding.


      I wrote the answer and it did not accept. What is wrong with "Dad is inside the metro"?


      I said 'Dad is at the metro' and got it wrong... Did i realy get it wrong?


      I said "dad is at the metro." I gues B specifically means in?

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