"Россия там."

Translation:Russia is there.

November 10, 2015

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What i dont understand is the fact that russia is spelled россия but ive only seen russians spell it руссии or is it that россия =russia and руссии=russian??


There is no such word as "Руссия". Country is always "Россия" and adjectives are "русский" (nationality) and "российский" (citizenship).

The letter "У" instead of "О" comes from the fact that our country was called "Русь" a long time ago. Thus you have a nationality "русские", but there are not only russians living in modern Russia. We have plenty of other nationalities.

Russia is a federation like US and in some parts of it there are two official languages. For example Tatarstan republic has Russian and Tatar. These languages are both "российские" but only one of them is "русский".


Called Русь? It's the same in Hindi.


This is because when Persian Invaders came to India they referred Russia as Rus, and so Indians started saying the same. You wouldn't believe how similar is Indian Languages such as Hindi and Marathi are to Persian.


This very interesting and informative. Thank you. So would "Русь" Be pronounced with the long i sound and sh at the end?


Erm, there are no sounds i and sh in the word Русь. It's pronounced just Rus'


It's the same pretty much


Like a good neighbor, Russia is there!


And should stay there! Inside its own borders.


Early on, spelling rules and simple grammatical errors should be allowed for with warnings. I almost always get the basic phrase correct but im marked wrong for the phrase due to a small error. Yes, accuracy is essential, but how bout a bit of room to begin with :)


I've faced such problem in other language courses here in Duolingo. I advise you to report those situations as "My answer should be accepted". Moderators constantly broaden the list of accepted variants. And misprints are also often accepted.


why does it not accept "here"?


Because it's not correct. "Там" is directly translated as "there"


Would "There is Russia" also be accepted? How do you say "There is Russia"?


"There is" is usually translated into Russian as "существует" or "есть". For example:

  • There is a problem - существует/есть проблема
  • There is a squirrel on the tree - на дереве белка (The word "есть" is obvious and thus skipped)
  • There is a squirrel sitting on the tree - на дереве сидит белка (gerund replaces the verb "есть" in Russian)

P.s. I am not sure that sentence "There is Russia" does really have any meaning. Correct me if I'm wrong.


Спасибо. I think it could be an expression you could shout when you are in Alaska like, "There is Russia!"


Россея, моя ты Россея... @ Любэ band.


Россия на всегда и везде!




Why the o is pronounced like an e in yes or like an a in bad? Is this normal?


Because it's not stressed. О sound tends to А or even Э when it's not stressed. If you pronounce О clearly even in nonstressed position you'll sound like an villager from the north.

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