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"Вона любить його, але він не любить її."

Translation:She loves him, but he does not love her.

November 10, 2015



Oh dear! The sadness of unrequited love...


I wrote: She likes him, but he does not like her. This is wrong! So what is the difference in the spelling between 'love and like'? Nothing.


Can any native Ukrainian speakers explain love/like? Duolingo seems to use люблю for both like and love . My wife was taught in school (Canadian Ukrainian) that люблю, when talking about a person, means love, but for objects should only be used for very special things. Earlier lessons used люблю for everything from salt to soup.


Your wife is right. When we say "Мені подобається борщ", that means "I eat borsch sometimes, without fanatizm". When we say "Я люблю борщ", that means "I like borsch so much, that I eat every day".


Shows incorrect translation when answered correctly

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