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"It seems to me, they are not here."

Translation:Мне кажется, они не здесь.

November 10, 2015



Is "Мне кажется, их здесь нет" is also acceptable?


That answer was presented to me by Duo as a correct answer when I got it wrong.


I think it should be acceptable.


I added что in here and it was marked as incorrect. Would it be equally correct with or without что ?

[deactivated user]

    Yes, it's equally correct with «что». Please report this sentence when you get it again.


    Does it sound equally natural? Are there any differences in nuances?


    I wrote, кажется мне, они не здес. It was marked wrong. Is it incorrect to put мне after кажится?


    I know, I know. I should write in Cyrillic, but I don't. So, I wrote kazhetsya and I got "almost correct", because the "right" transliteration is kazhet-sya. Is it because "ts" works only for ц?


    In my (non-professional) experience, ц is always translated as 'ts', although it sounds like there were being overly picky with this one?


    "To seem" казаться has an interesting conjugation - it seems to act pretty much like other verbs, except the -ся at the end doesn't change except for 2nd person plural, where it becomes -сь

    1st Person Singular - я кажу́сь - 2nd Person Singular - ты ка́жешься - 3rd Person Singular - он ка́жется - 1st Person Plural - мы ка́жемся - 2nd Person Plural - вы ка́жетесь - 3rd Person Plural - они ка́жутся


    This is a great example of the way negation works in Russian. Two correct versions of this are: Их здесь нет: Not they [genitive case] are here. Они не здесь: They [nominative case] are not here.

    While the effects of negation are a lot more complicated than this, it seems like не has a far less broad scope than нет.


    Thanks for that-will do!


    Is "Кажется, их нету" too colloquial?

    [deactivated user]

      «Нету» is a colloquial form (in literary language, we only use «нет»). Also, your version doesn't translate 'here' from the original sentence.

      «Кажется, их здесь нет» should work I think (although I'm not sure if Duolingo accepts it).

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