"Where is water here?"

Translation:Где здесь вода?

November 10, 2015

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"Где вода здесь" wasn't counted as correct. Is it actually wrong (word order), or should it be correct as well?

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    It's not outright wrong, but sounds less natural.


    "Where is water here' sounds unnatural in English. - rather use "where is the water here?"


    So order in this case would be "what you want to know about requested item, location of requested item, requested item"? So if I were to ask, is the water red here, I would not go with the Google translation of "красная вода здесь?" but with "красная здесь вода?", is that correct?

    [deactivated user]

      No, that's not. «Красная вода здесь?» sounds more natural. If the question is a general question (unless you use «ли»), then you'd generally use the same word order as in the statement:

      • If the statement is «Красная вода здесь» (The red water is here), the question would be «Красная вода здесь?».
      • If the statement is «Красная здесь вода» (It's water that is red here; with вода emphasised by intonation), then the question would be «Красная здесь вода?».
      • If the statement is «Красная здесь вода» (The water here is red; with кра́сная emphasised by intonation), then the question would be «Красная здесь вода?» (Is the water here red?).

      When there's a question word in a question, you move that question word to the beginning:

      • If the statement is «Красная вода здесь», the question would be «Где красная вода?» 'Where's [the] red water?', because «где» is moved to the beginning.


      Thanks for the explanation, szeraja_zhaba! I'll try and remember this. You've definitely written it up clearly. Now I just have to incorporate this into my understanding and apply it correctly. :)


      how do i know whether to use здесь or вот?


      I saw in a video that вот is more used when you are showing something, like "вот is my apple" and здесь is more used in locations, like "I am здесь". I get confused with it sometimes but these are my tips


      Christ on a stick this is a weird English sentence.

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