"Я девочка, а ты?"

Translation:I am a girl, and you?

November 10, 2015



Это никогда не сказать на Омегле.

November 10, 2015


I was going to say this!

March 15, 2018


I have no gender...


June 27, 2017


Did you have a panic attack? Trauma flashbacks? Things like that?

June 27, 2017


Pulls out monocle Yes.

June 27, 2017


Does this sentence imply that you expect, the answer to be something else than 'я девочка'?

December 5, 2015

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March 11, 2016


Then, why couldn’t this be ‘Я девочка, и ты?’?

August 7, 2016


а and и differ in that а is used primarily as a relating conjugation since it says something seperate than what has already been stated, such as "I live in a house, AND he lives in an appartment" whereas и shows a list of items, such as "chocolate AND caramel".

November 2, 2018


Well, it can actually also mean that she states she hasn't had sexual expierence yet, so yes, the answers can differ

July 11, 2017


I love how a male voice asks this question

August 27, 2018


In the west and thailand, it's an increasingly valid question D:

April 2, 2019


I'm an attack helicopter, thank you for asking.

October 4, 2018


Did you like your own comment?

October 4, 2018


Am I a girl and you????

October 11, 2017


Я велосипед

February 17, 2019



February 2, 2018


Ugh, gypped on a typo...stupid autocorrect.

February 6, 2017


The term ‘gypped’ is incredibly racist. Please avoid it.

June 27, 2017



July 25, 2017


See here.

July 25, 2017


My brother's Romani. And though this term might be taken poorly, he accepts it as a term of self-identification. I tend to discourage people from using it as a term for the Romani people as well (in fact, I have on Duolingo); but the word "gyp" as a verb has become so abstracted from its history that I no longer perceive it as rude or vulgar, but simply as colloquial and generally understood (Much like people can say that something "sucks" or that they are "saved by the bell"). It is only rude when dealing with the exceptional person who understands its history and assumes that I, as the speaker, also understand that history and purposefully employ it to be derogatory. Take the word "slave" related to the word "Slav;" is slave derogatory? Take the word "robot" from a Slavic root meaning "Slavic serf, worker, especially slave laborer;" Is robot racist? Let words be understood as they are meant to be understood by their speaker.

Enjoy your day! :)

December 16, 2017


The word ‘Slav’ likely has a different origin than ‘slave’. Also, the word ‘robot’ most definitely doesn’t have anything to do with Slavic slavery, but rather with Slavic literature.

November 3, 2018


I've found gypped to simply mean you messed up. I would need a history lesson to figure out why this is wrong. Edit: See Enkindu12's post. It is a much more educated version of my opinion.

October 4, 2018


I am girl and you? - should be correct!

September 3, 2016


You are close but missing one necessary word - "a." We must say, "I am a girl, and you?" If you input that, it will accept it. In English, in instances of describing ourselves with nouns, we utilize either the indefinite article (a or an, depending on whether the next word starts with a vowel sound), or the definite article (the). So you could say, "I am a girl, and you?" or, "I am the girl." The second sentence would be less likely to be used with "and you?" at the end, because acknowledging oneself as "the girl" indicates that you are the specific girl someone has been looking for, and a return query of, "and you?" would be quite unnecessary.

July 9, 2017

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