"Dad, this is not my motor."

Translation:Папа, это не мой мотор.

November 10, 2015



Why is it "мой" and not "моя"?

December 8, 2015

[deactivated user]

    «Мой» is used with masculine nouns, «моя» is used with feminine nouns, «моё» is used with neuter nouns.

    December 8, 2015


    ...also, both Моя and моё are stressed on the second syllable.

    December 20, 2015


    I keep seeong this, and i assume i get what youre talking about, but i really dont understand what you mean by "masculime nouns" or femenin, i see these different variation explanations for russian and spanish, as i said i like to assume i understand but i dont. Please help? Like ill read on a guide "this is a chair" making it a masculin noun? I dont get it.. :l i feel lile itd benefit me plenty.

    March 30, 2016

    [deactivated user]

      The nouns in many languages are assigned with a gender (Russian has 3 of them: masculine, feminine, and neuter). For words denoting living beings, the gender normally corresponds to the real-life gender. For other nouns, this gender assignment is pretty random and depends on the form of the word and language history.

      Different languages have different genders. For example, Russian «яблоко» is of neuter gender, Portuguese «maçã» is feminine, and German «Apfel» is masculine, even though they all mean the same thing.

      You'd have to learn genders of the nouns, or look them up in the dictionary.

      April 6, 2016


      There are always exceptions, but here are some general rules.

      Masculine words end with a consonant, -й or -ь. Feminine words end with -а, -я or -ь. Neuter words end with -о or е. Plural words end with -и or -ы.

      So стол (table) is masculine because it ends with a consonant. Ручка (pen) is feminine because it ends with -а. Яблоко (apple) is neuter because it ends with -о. Ключи (keys) is plural because it ends with -и.

      When a word ends with a мягкий знак (soft sign... the letter ь), you just have to memorize if it is masculine or feminine. For example, мебель (furniture) is feminine but словарь (dictionary) is masculine.

      Obvious exceptions are words that refer to a particular gender, like папа (dad), дядя (uncle), дедушка, (grandpa) Ваня (Vanya), etc, which are all masculine because they are all referring to men. A lot of nicknames (Vanya, Dima, Vasya, Kolya, Sasha, etc) end with -а or -я as that is endearing, so a man's nickname (like the ones I listed) can often end with the "feminine" -а/я just as a woman's nickname might.

      Another exception is the word друзья. It is the plural for "friends."

      There are other exceptions, but to try and list them all would not be possible for me.

      October 9, 2016


      This explains heaps. Thank you.

      April 4, 2019


      All things have a gender. Motor has a masculine gender. Shirt - feminine. And it changes the ending of "my"

      Мой мотор - Моя рубашка. Мой папа - Моя мама. Мой сын - Моя дочь. Мой дядя - Моя тётя.

      And plural

      Мой носок. Мои носки. Моя майка. Мои майки.

      April 14, 2016


      Please, can you give the English translation of these words?

      May 27, 2016

      [deactivated user]

        мой мото́р = my engine, моя́ руба́шка = my (formal) shirt, мо́й па́па = my dad, моя́ ма́ма = my mum, мо́й сын = my son, моя́ до́чь = my daughter, мо́й дя́дя = my uncle, моя́ тётя = my aunt, мо́й носо́к = my sock, мои́ носки́ = my socks, моя́ ма́йка = my T-shirt/(informal) sleeveless shirt, мои́ ма́йки = my T-shirts/(informal) sleeveless shirts.

        May 28, 2016


        Моя is used if the object you're talking about is feminine. Eg моя мама - my mum

        February 26, 2016


        Dad, this is not my motor. This is my radio! :D

        January 4, 2018


        "I swear that's not mine. I was just holding it for a friend."

        September 19, 2016


        There are worse things than being caught trying to learn to fix cars.

        June 11, 2018


        I always get stuck in this situation where dad is accusing me of taking his motor. Thanks Duolingo!

        January 6, 2019


        папа это мой, не мой мотор) убил вариант ответа))

        July 23, 2016


        Why isn't it Не зто

        May 19, 2016

        [deactivated user]

          Because это is not a verb. Это is a pronoun, like 'this' (but we use it in place of the verb sometimes).

          This sentence doesn't have a verb, because a verb 'to be' is usually omited in the present tense.

          May 19, 2016


          Why is it не and not нет

          February 6, 2017

          [deactivated user]

            «Не» is a general-purpose negative word. It is used:

            • to make the sentence negative by negating the main verb (она не ошиба́ется 'she doesn't make mistakes', literally 'she не make-mistakes'),
            • when the verb 'is, am, are' is omited in 'X is Y' sentences, you can makes the sentence negative by negating Y (она не учи́тельница 'she is not a teacher', literally 'she не teacher'),
            • to negate any word in the sentence to mean just one word is negated, but the sentence remains positive (учительница не она 'teacher is not-she = someone else is a teacher, not she').

            «Нет» is used for to:

            • say that something is absent («в холодильнике нет рыбы» 'there is no fish in the refrigerator'),
            • say that someone doesn't have something («у меня нет этой книги» 'I don't have this book'),
            • say 'no' when answering questions (e.g. «Это твой стол?» 'Is it your desk?' — «Нет» 'No'),
            • negate a sentence where everything is the same except one detail («Мой учебник английского новый, а твой нет» 'My English textbook is new, and yours is not'; here, нет is used instead «твой учебник английского не новый» 'your English textbook is not new', in this sentence, «твой» replaces «мой», and the rest part of the sentence is negated).

            In the first two meanings, «нет» is opposite of «есть». Basically, «нет» is used instead of the non-existent form «не есть».

            February 6, 2017


            What A weird sentence

            August 10, 2018


            What do you consider, when you say "motor"? That is an engine in Russian or a moped, bicycle with a small engine.

            November 10, 2015

            [deactivated user]

              «Мотор» means 'engine'.

              November 11, 2015


              Yes, I wrote that, but alright, another meaningless sentence in Duolingo. :D

              November 11, 2015



              November 4, 2016


              Why is it это and not этот?

              February 8, 2016

              [deactivated user]

                Please see the guide by olimo: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/11536858

                February 8, 2016


                I wish they would actually teach the alphabet and how it sounds... Im having such a difficuly time with this...

                May 1, 2016


                How do i change my language

                July 27, 2016


                Дви́гетель? I don’t know if it is accepted or not because I haven’t tried yet.

                August 2, 2016


                What is the meaning of Пап?

                August 18, 2016

                [deactivated user]

                  It's a vocative form of па́па used only in colloquial speech.

                  August 18, 2016


                  Similar to the English "Pop"

                  July 19, 2017


                  This sounds like a line from a bad scary movie

                  September 6, 2016


                  Are you kidding me? I choose the correct one and it shows me tha it's wrong

                  September 16, 2016


                  What is the difference between не and нет

                  October 12, 2016


                  How do I get the little thing above и? This is the first time I've ever worked with a slavic keyboard and I can't figure it out..

                  October 23, 2016


                  Й is a separate letter on the keyboard. If you have the Cyrillic keyboard installed, it's where Q is.

                  October 23, 2016


                  What the person above me said. And Й is pronounced more like a Y, and И is pronounced like I

                  March 21, 2019


                  Could I use "отец" instead of "папа" ? (Duolingo did not accept it, but in my mind, that would be as correct.)

                  August 3, 2017



                  December 30, 2017


                  Please join my Russian club the code is Z2DGJS

                  May 9, 2018


                  Can't I say мои instead of мой?

                  May 19, 2018

                  [deactivated user]

                    No. Мои is plural (it’s pronounced in two syllables, mah-EE), мой is mascunline singular (it’s pronounced in one syllable, MOY).

                    May 19, 2018


                    I dont know why but I read it s doctor and not motor even though the word for doctor is medic. Jeez.

                    June 15, 2018


                    How do you know when to use а не and не?

                    November 17, 2018


                    Why is "Отец, это не мой мотор." wrong? There is usually no difference between "папа, отец, батя". It's all one man... )

                    February 27, 2019


                    This is exactly what I typed (and what appeared on the screen after I typed it). Please advise.

                    March 21, 2019


                    I write correct!

                    April 14, 2019


                    I answered correctlly

                    April 14, 2019


                    Why does it say I have a typo in my answer,but I typed the exact thing it marked as a typo?

                    June 30, 2019


                    How can i know how to translate russian from english and its my first day and im already being asked to do so

                    July 18, 2019


                    I wrote ''Tati'' as dad instead of ''Papa'', because I am native bulgrian and that is another way we say dad, but it didn't accept it, is there other ways of saying dad in russian other than ''Papa''??

                    March 30, 2016


                    "Папа" or "Отец". "Папка" (informal), "Батя" (informal)

                    July 6, 2016


                    I cant fix my keyboard to type it so its accepted?!

                    July 22, 2016


                    Ik probeerde mijn te schrijven,maar dat ging niet.

                    September 28, 2016


                    i did my work right and then my computers graphic card glitched out

                    October 18, 2016


                    This is great and all, but how often do you need to clarify to your dad who is the owner of a certiain motor?

                    December 4, 2016



                    January 14, 2017


                    Surprise xD

                    February 24, 2017


                    Это не мой гитара )))

                    March 12, 2017

                    [deactivated user]

                      Гитара is feminine (unlike the masculine мотор), so it should be «Э́то не моя́ гита́ра».

                      March 13, 2017


                      Gotta stop using в не

                      March 22, 2017



                      April 1, 2017


                      I really need to study the Russian alphabet!

                      May 25, 2017


                      I'm dyslexic it looks the same

                      June 10, 2017


                      This is a really easy language to learn

                      July 6, 2017



                      July 13, 2017


                      Папа, дом не мой мотор... Убило :)

                      August 3, 2017


                      For watt k'now spanich

                      September 22, 2017



                      April 18, 2018



                      April 18, 2018


                      I say "Wow"

                      April 18, 2018


                      Dont have a rusiab key

                      June 7, 2018


                      Папа ето не мои мотог

                      June 15, 2017
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