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  5. "прошлый вечер"

"прошлый вечер"

Translation:last night

November 10, 2015



"Last evening" is wrong It should be "yesterday evening"


I understand that literally it translates to "last evening", but you should at least have the proper translation as an acceptable answer (proper translation being "yesterday evening"). "last night" is the only period of yesterday that you can use "last" for, all the rest should be "yesterday".


I'd like to see the old English term, yesternight, resurrected.


Ive been waiting for overmorrow to make a comeback haha


Comments like these are part of the reason I love Duolingo, suchly. While we're on the topic, how about reincarnating and reinstating the holy trinity: Yesternight, yesterweek, yesteryear. Rather useful words when I think about it. Cheers


I use yesteryear a fair bit...love seeing folks computing the meaning.


Yes! "When did this happen?" Me: Yesternight...


While we're voting to bring back older English constructions, let me put in my vote to bring back "Thee" (aka, the English "Ты") because thee/thou/thy/thine offers more flavor and lets "you" go back to just formal-and-plural usage like it used to do.


I think "last evening " is fine.


"last evening" is also correct in English. We can say, "We went out to dinner last evening." It means the same thing as "yesterday evening" when used that way, although we would more commonly say "last night" or "yesterday evening."

"THE last evening" would refer to the last of a series of specific evenings, such as "we went swimming on the last evening of our vacation."


Nobody in the UK ever says "last evening". Maybe it's seen as correct in US English. As bhankerson says it's either "last nght" or "yesterday evening" in the British Isles


I'm a native speaker of US English, and I've never heard "last evening" in the context of "yesterday evening."


How about "the last night" in US & UK English...


Grammatically it's probably correct but it's just an odd saying so it's never said


Also not correct in us English :)


I live BC Canada and pseudo-common to say last day or the other evening. PS. BC has a very 'American like' sound to it.


This must be a super regional thing because I have lived in BC for 34 years and I've never heard anyone say either of these things in any area I've lived or visited, nor have my Belgian and German relatives said these things.


I don't know, all my BC relatives have a very distinct accent and vocabulary usage different from mine (I love Canadian English; I don't live in the States, but when I did, I always looked forward to going up there).


Pseudo-common? Is it faked and ungenuine?


We don't say it either. That person is making it up


I've never heard anyone in the US say "last evening". "yesterday evening" is common, though. That's probably the most idiomatically correct translation, if we're talking about the evening of the previous day.


it is the "last evening" that I will spend with you!


Interesting. I use and hear "last evening" all the time on the US East Coast.


It depends. Does this Russian expression mean "the last evening of [something]" or "yesterday evening"? Or both?


if it was the last evening of something, it would be "последний вечер"


But if you are superstitious person, and wish not to stop that regular event (in a line of events) you'd better to say "крайний" (not "последний").

"Прошлым вечером я встречался с Катей" (I had meet Kathrin at previous (yesterday) evening)

"- Последний вечер, который мы провели вместе был две недели назад (Last evening we spend together was two weeks ago). - Я надеюсь, это был не последний, а крайний вечер. (I hope, it was not really the last evening (we shall repeat it)."


Do you mean in English it should be phrased "yesterday evening", or that the Russian translates to "yesterday evening"?


The Russian translates literally as "last evening" or "past evening" but neither is good English last night is a good translation as someone says I might say "the evening just gone" which corresponds pretty well to "proshloi vecher" but that's idiomatic British English


Aaargh proshlyi not proshloi


I agree with supermollusc. In English it should be phrased "yesterday evening".


true. i answered as 'last night', which made more sense in my head, and it was accepted


In American English, we'd say either "last night" or "yesterday evening"


To be honest I'd be surprised if I've ever said last evening instead of just saying last night. I would probably say yesterday in the evening.


Russians divide time of the day deferently: night would be after 11pm to 5 am. So if you asking about plans for tonight, use word 'evening ', 'night' would not be appropriate.


"Last evening" is totally fine and very common.


No, it is correct


What's the difference between "Прошлый" and "Прошлая'?


i think that "Прошлый" is for masculine nouns and "Прошлая' is for feminine.


Yes - but add to that Прошлый modifies nominative masculine singular nouns and Прошлая modifies nominative feminine singular nouns. The endings change for other cases, genders, and plurals, so it's important to identify all three factors that usually go into deciding an ending, although some endings are multipurpose (e.g., его = "his" doesn't vary for all cases and genders.)


I have realized it already, but thank you.


I get the idea from the discussion that In Russian, прошлый вечер means "the evening of the day before." If you wanted to talk about the "last night" -- literally meaning the time between 23:00 and 05:00 after the previous day, could you say, "прошлая ночь"?


Last night you were in my room, and now my bedsheets smell like you...


Every day discovering something brand new...


I'm In Love with the SHAPE OF YOU!!!!!!


How about the previous evening? That should be right?


That's what I wrote, and I'm pretty sure that is should have been accepted.


I don't think the two phrases "previous evening" and "yesterday evening" are quite interchangeable.

If I'm talking today about something that happened yesterday between afternoon and night, then I wouldn't refer to that time as "previous evening." "What did you eat the previous evening?" sounds really strange when talking about something that happened the day before; you'd say "yesterday evening" instead.

And "yesterday evening" can't really be used in place of "(the) previous evening" either, since "yesterday" only means the day before today.


Reminds me of the french "prochain-e" which means next. Oh dear this will be tough on my frenchness


Literal translation is better. So that we do understand how Russian people use "last". In fact we have the same usage in Turkish. "Gechen".


Literal translation is best, unless it produces a result which is idiomatically unsuited to the target language. Here, "last evening" is not good English. "Yesterday evening" is the closest idiomatic English.


Im a native American english speaker and I've heard last evening many times.


As a native English speaker, both last evening and yesterday evening are correct. The former is less common but I hear it used now and again. The option to report them as viable options isn't even available. Someone has really dug in their heels


I read the comments and I still don't understand why "the last night" was not accepted


If you use the definite article "the" then you are referring to a specific last night of a series of nights, for example the last night of a theatre performance or the last night of your holiday etc rather than just referring to last night in the sense of yesterday.


Now it says last night, but night is completly wrong for вечер or did I miss something?


'Last evening' is not a phrase in English, so even though вечер means 'evening', it's translated as 'night' here to be idiomatic English.


Here are 11 different pronunciations of вечер - all different to varying degrees: "vee-cher", "vye-cher", etc



why is it last night? вечер is evening right?


difference between последний and прошлый (From ask.mastereussian.com) Sometimes they are synonyms, sometimes not. Прошлый means the one that was right before. Последний normally means last in a series, final or ultimate, though sometimes also can be used as recent. Последний день в году - 31-е декабря. The final day of the year is the December 31. В прошлом году была теплая зима. There was warm winter last year. When used as "recent" прошлый implies that there will be the next one in the future while последний doesn't.


I have to pick words and say last night, I though vecher was evening?


Why in the world would вечер mean "night" ?


I put the exact translation "previous evening" and it was marked correct


Well, we have some leeway. Sometimes there are multiple fairly decent ways to translate a sentence. You can theoretically claim previous evening is more like "предыдущий вечер", but such a wording is not very common

(unless "the evening before" is exactly what you need to express).


Thank you, you are the best. I know, but I was trying to stretch it a bit so I would know if I'd be able to use it in a different context (btw there is no context given here). Now I know, same words, but they can express more than just what dictionary definition says about them.


I got answer as "last night". Shouldn't it be "last evening"?


Read the discussion above. Apparently, "last evening" is not idiomatic English.


It is, but it's not common.


Well dont type "previous night"

Unless you can spell previous :)


Why is it saying last night when it should be last evening/afternoon?


There are several answers to your question. The following, from Freymuth, is very good:

'Last evening' is not a phrase in English, so even though вечер means 'evening', it's translated as 'night' here to be idiomatic English.


I agree with yashamax. To put it another way, "last night" is just the set expression we use in English, even when referring to the evening. If you want to refer to the afternoon, you would say "yesterday afternoon."


Last evening is fine in English. It's not as common as last night but it makes sense and better suits the Russian. Last night as a translation is just wrong.


с каких пор ночь стала вечером?


What is the difference between прошлая and прошлый? We say прошлая ночь, but прошлый вечер.


Well, прошлый is used for masculine nouns like вечер, but прошлая for feminine ones like ночь.


Why is it now прошлый вечер, instead of прошлая вечер? What's the difference between those words?


Would you translate "hier soir" in French?

[deactivated user]

    Grammatically what is the difference between Прошлая and Прошлый?


    прошлая ночь


    As someone living in southern England, we ( well some of us do!) really do say "Last evening we went to theatre", though we might equally say "Last night we went to the theatre".


    it traslated as "last evening"


    I see a lot of comments about "yesterday evening".... but it told me it is saying 'last night' since when did вечер mean night? Suddenly now they was me to tranlate вечер to 'night' instead of evening.... didn't even give an option to use ночь, is this just a colloquialism?


    This is crap. This means last evening. I'm just trying to keep practice. I lived there for 6 years. I can't believe things i get corrected on at times. Прошлая ночь is the correct translation


    If вечер means evening, why is it translated "night"? Indeed, evening wasn't an option given! 2 questions ago, ночь was translated night. So what means what?


    Why прошлый, not прошлыя?


    Why прошлый? This is the first time I've come across the word, and the last 2 examples it was прошлая. Now suddenly it has changed. How am I supposed to know?


    The ending depends on the noun you combine the adjective with, same as with мой/моя/моё/мои or ваш/ваша/ваше/ваши. For example, прошлый вечер, прошлая ночь, прошлое утро, прошлые годы, прошлые выходные

    It takes some time to get used to but it should click eventually—at least, for the base form (the adjectival ending looks similar to the ending a noun of that gender may have).

    [deactivated user]

      Luckily I'm portuguese and we deal with no evenings...either morning, afternoon or night...Bazinga!


      Whats the diffrences between прошлый and прошлая?


      “прошлый“ is masculine.
      “прошлая” is feminine


      I dont get these because last one they said это (fill in the blank) and then there was like four different words like (это) is (this) in english so how like ughhhh


      “это” means “this”
      so if you want to say “this is a book”, then you have to use “ это”.
      But in this sentence there is no need for the use of это/this.


      Can we say last night in two ways?


      What do you mean? If you are talking about two different meanings of night, then yes.


      I think he means if you can say in Russian:
      - last evening
      - past evening
      - the evening before


      How about:
      вчерашний вечер
      последний вечер


      Последний вечер is "the last evening/night" as in "the final evening/night".


      What does прошлой serve to?


      It sounded like "Broshly' rather than "Proshly" to me. I think many words are recognizable so much better in context. Simple phrases are many times much harder to pick out because the mind doesn't immediately pick out the right one when so many words are similar and then just can't make the connection to any real phrase with any meaning at all.. Would be so much easier with "Last night we went to the movies" or anything to put a relevance to it.


      The literal translation is "last evening". It should be accepted.


      прошлый doesn’t mean last
      I used ”previous evening” and it was accepted


      "Она сказала, что...."


      Pain not being able to roll rs. Ive been trying for so long :(


      I LOVE "yesteryear". Does Duolingo know what it means? If so I shall use it.


      "Year" is год.


      Can someone please explain, why "вечер" is called "night" in this sentence


      Ночь refers to the period from 12 AM midnight till sunrise. Вечер is evening up until midnight. When we say "last night," we more often refer to what is called вечер in Russian.


      вечер means also evening!!!


      Also? What else does it mean?


      In English, something like 6:00 p.m. can be evening while something late, like 10:00 p.m. or 11:00 p.m. is "night". In Russian, it is all вечер (ночь "night" is midnight and later, i.e the time when it is dark and when people sleep).


      I know that
      but saying that вечер also means “evening” is a stretch


      Oh. I think JohnnyMang10 meant that our main translation (currently) says "last night"—but "last evening" works, too.


      I have never heard: the past evening in England. They say: the last evening


      No we don't. "The last evening" can only be used in the sense of "(On) the last evening of our holiday we got very drunk" It cannot be used to mean yesterday evening


      ok last night but never heard past night... come on!


      Почему нет <<вчера вечером>>?


      So "Прошлая" is for feminine nouns. What exactly does that mean?


      "Last/the past/the previous/the prior"


      We say "last night"


      Whats the diffrences between прошлый snd прошля?


      One of my excellent teacher told me once that "yesterday night" does not make sense....day...night and that one should say "yesterday evening" in British English and "last night" in US English

      [deactivated user]

        Last night - прошлая ночь; Last evening - прошлый вечер. Developers that is correct, please update your app.


        why not прошлаая вецер


        вечер is masculine "last" must also be masculine


        Where has the р disappeared? I read вече, a popular assembly in medieval Slavic countries.


        last evening is more correct. shocking to say NIGHT instead of EVENING ... WE ARE SUPPOSED TO LEARN RUSSIAN WORDS !!


        This articles thing in English really pisses me off. When i dont write A or THE it is wrong, now I wrote The last night, and guess what - f wrong

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