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  5. "Eylül veya ekim nasıl?"

"Eylül veya ekim nasıl?"

Translation:How is September or October?

November 10, 2015



Not "How are...?"


Depends a bit if you consider two items connected by "or" an enumeration, which usually requires an "and", but "or" can be satisfied by having either one alternative satisfied, or both, so it can also refer to the two months, thus necessitating the plural. "is" is logically a bit sloppy, and to mark "are" as wrong, is simply wrong. Some context would have been helpful, and if it would have concentrated on a choice ("either / or"), "How about" would make it a lot clearer.


i wrote how are and it got marked wrong


Of course not, since the question is asking about one month, and it is singulare


Guys, I answered "How about September or October" expecting it would be considered wrong, but it turned out it wasn't. So now I ask, is it really possible to ask like that whether it is about options offering? ®


Of course it is fine in English :) I probably use it more often than "How is" :)


Yeah.. exactly.. actually.. it sounds kinda weird for me "how is".. in the context I've stated before (offering options) ^^' ®


"How about September or October?" is even better :)


I was like what the fttttt how is September or October? Whats that supposed to mean??


This english makes no sense. Please translate into correct english.


It would, in a conversational context: "When can we go on holiday?" "How is [=about] September or October?" Since those phrases are all snippets out of bigger contexts, this example loses its sense with the context. But I totally agree, for learning it is near useless. As I hinted at above "How about" would have made the sense behind it much clearer, if that is indeed what the Turkish part means.


It's a bad question and a bad translation to ask for as the question would only be asked in that way in very rare circumstances in English. Sometimes duolingo just lets itself down.


Can someone please clarify what the question is asking in Turkish? Does the question seek a description of either month or a binary choice of one or the other?


Does it have to mean putting september or october as alternatives like in "how about ..." or could it also mean "how are" as in "I wonder how the weather is in autumn. How are september or october?" (Or would this be "How is september or october?", my english is quite good, but not perfect.)


Or, how is it septmeber or october


Do I get it right? It's like to ask "what/how about September or October?"


Sorry to moan, but this sentence borders on the nonsensical in English.


Is it grammatically correct to say 'how is' then follow it with two options? 'How are' or 'how about' are surely both correct but 'how is' must be incorrect


Actually, in English, when two subjects are connected by "or", the verb agrees with the one closer to it. Think of it this way: it can either be September or it can be October; in either case, it would only be one month.


My answer was marked wrong, but it was identical with the answer given as correct : "How is September or October"


The English is wrong


The way the fast words are pronounced is different from the slow version.


what sense does this have in helping my Turkish when the English is grammatically dodgy at best

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