Hi! I'm having a great time using Duolingo Spanish with two of my classes as a supplement to my curriculum. I'm a little frustrated, though, with what seem to be glitches now and then - or maybe just something I'm not understanding about how it works? 1. Sometimes on my dashboard, a skill is not colored in, but when I click on the circle it says "5/5" as if the student has finished all of the lessons (which they claim they have). 2. I've had two students just this week who's app on the phone said they had completed 4/5 Food lessons, even though it said on my dashboard 5/5. They did Lesson 5 over and over but it wouldn't let them move on.

Thank you for any help you can give!

November 10, 2015


Hi there, I just took a peek at your account and was able to reproduce the first glitch - we'll look into it to see if the second one could be related. Thanks for letting us know about this issue!

Any news on the second glitch???

We looked into it and could only find one student who seemed to be stuck. We had the system try doing a lesson on his behalf on the account and it worked fine, so it appears that the next skill is unlocked for him. Can you please confirm this?

I just had two more students who had completed Food lesson #5 several times (I even did it for them once on their phones) but it was still showing 4/5 and would not unlock the next skills. The only way they could go on was to Test Out.

Also - since I set up my classroom accounts, I have unchecked "Enable all words", but "beer" continues to show up regularly.

Hi Jodi! When you say "beer" shows up regularly, do you mean that it is showing up in the exercise sentence, or as one of the selectable (incorrect) words on the mobile app?

It's showing up in the exercises. My students know it well by now :), and while it may serve them well in their travels someday, we do have some parents who may not appreciate it being part of our high school curriculum. ;)

It's on the mobile app that I've seen it - I haven't verified if it shows up on the PC version.

Can you please ask them to take a screenshot if that ever happens? Here is how: This would really help us try to figure it out. You can post it here or send it to — Thank you!

I have had this issue for more than a year now with my students. It usually only happens on the app version. This has happened particularly on the lesson with Food, also, where it keeps the students at 5/6 even when they re-do lesson 6. It will not allow them into the next level. My husband thought it could be a proxy server issue, since I have never had this happen to me, and as a teacher, I am on a different proxy server. One work around is to have the students re-do the lesson on the web version: then the lesson can be completed. My impression is that they could do lesson 6 a thousand times on the app and it would still revert to the starting position of 5/6. A few times I have even seen a previously recorded result subtracted! 5/6 became 4/6 after completing lesson 6! It is very de motivating in the classroom!

What course is this happening in?

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