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Should I learn the Russian alphabet or the pronunciation first?

I can't learn both because I keep having to switch from the Russian keyboard to English in the lesson, so should I learn how to read Russian or pronounce it first?

November 11, 2015



Never learn a language through transliteration.


You'll basically be learning both at the same time if you go for the alphabet, since the language is mostly phonetic. This course on Memrise is an easy way to start http://www.memrise.com/course/78454/learn-basic-russian/ It teaches you the alphabet, then suddenly you're reading the names of celebrities in Cyrillic.


If you learn the Russian alphabet then you will learn how to pronounce through reading Russian, it is the best way.


I prefer to use the real Russian with their alphabet and everything. I think it will only be to your benefit. Once you get the alphabet down, it's not that much extra work, but you can read the language as well as speak it! Once you get both languages on your keyboard, you should be able to hit alt + shift to switch between them without going back into the control panel each time. You should see a little blue box with two letters in it in the task bar that shows which language your keyboard is on (I'm assuming you're doing this from a computer, not a phone or tablet). If this doesn't show up, 1) go to the control panel 2) click regional and language options 3) switch to "languages" tab 4) click details 5) under preferences, click language bar 6) check the box that says, "show language bar on the desktop" 7) click okay I hope that helps. Please ask any questions.


I can switch keyboards on my computer (where I learn from most of the time) but I can't tell what I am typing when I enable the Russian keyboard. When I look at my keyboard with my eyes, I always see the English alphabet and not the Russian, how do I know what I will be typing? That was my only issue haha


If you're using Windows 8 or 10, you can also try using the Russian mnemonic keyboard layout (it roughly corresponds to the QWERTY layout, so there's less getting used to).


Oh! Sorry. Just google "russian keyboard" under Google Images and a ton of stuff will come up. Print your favorite and keep it next to you when you type. It helps a lot!


Usually, you can enable the on-screen keyboard but still type with your actual keyboard (using the on-screen keyboard as a layout reference). It's similar to printing the layout in effect.

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