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"The artists will perform with the band."

Translation:Артисты выступят с оркестром.

November 11, 2015



Why not "с группой"?


Report it. It should be accepted


"Ансамбль" тоже подходит?


OK, I'm getting confused now, between: "актёр", "артист" and "художник" (hope I've spelt all of those OK).

"актёр" seems quite straightforward, and the same in English. That would be a TV, screen or stage actor?

But "артист" apparently might also be an actor? Or probably, in this case, a singer?

Is "художник" confined only to the traditional arts - things like painting, drawing, and sculpture? So not a performance artist? It may seem a bit lateral, but I answered "художников" here, because I thought of performance artists, and not, as now seems probable, singers. I'm studying Art History at the moment, and performance art is a huge modern phenomenon, so just because some "artists" were performing with a band, I didn't assume they were necessarily singers. I imagined some kind of visual display set to music.

If it had been the latter, is it still not "художник", because that would mean something much more traditional?


You defined all three correctly.

Художник is more traditional - painting, sculpture, drawing. Актёр is an actor - TV, stage. Артист means performing artist - like Beyonce ;)


Thank you, Sonia. I think I was mainly confused by an actor occasionally being referred to as "артист". We tend not to do that in English. It is possible, but much less likely. You'd never say: "I really like this artist", when what you really mean is an actor. Acting is, of course, recognised as one of the performing arts, so you could say an actor is a great artist - meaning he's very good at what he does - without technically being wrong. It's just not a very common way of putting it. You'd usually call an actor an actor! I'm still not sure where that leaves performance artists. I.e. performers who are not actors, singers, or even dancers, necessarily, but make an artistic statement through performance. Is there a Russian term for that? I'm trying to think of a really good example, that most people would have heard of. I think Gilbert and George were some of the earliest, and still the most famous, but I don't know how widely known they are outside the UK (even though Gilbert is Italian).

It's just idle curiosity, really, because if I ever reach a point I am even trying to discuss this in Russian, I shall be very, very pleased!


Артист has a pretty wide meaning in russian, it can include actors, comedians, singers and circus performers. It almost never includes painters, sculptors and modern performance artists, we use художник for that.


Also I think that in almost any case художник would be an acceptable translation for 'artist'. We can say something like Он большой художник about writers or movie directors.


Thank you - it's nice to get further answers to things you had forgotten you'd asked. ;)


Like Beyonce hahaha


Beyonce is a певица


Артисты будут выступать с этим оркестром not at all?


I have the same question. In the answer, there is only "выступать" which is "to perform" / present tense. So, to me, this sentence really translates as "The artist performs with this orchestra."


Выступят - 3rd person plural conjugation of выступить. (3rd person plural of выступать is выступают.)


no, "The artists will not perform with this band."


It looks fine to me (well, except for the extra 'этим'). It has a slightly different meaning; the English sentence could be used with either meaning.


We don't really use orchestra and band interchangeably in English - does оркестр have a broader definition in Russian?


Оркестр means a group of musicians performing together. Orchestra would be струнный оркестр, string orchestra. While band would be духовой оркестр, which is wind ensemble or concert band.


"Band" in English usually refers to a band, not an orchestra/ensemble. E.G. rock band, pop band, jazz band, metal band, etc.. You didn't seem to actually address this in your comment, so would оркестр still be used for this meaning?


Band is группа not оркестр. Band and orchestra are different in English.


Unless it is a 'brass band'.


I don't see future tense in this sentence...


Выступят is the 3rd person plural conjugation of the perfective verb выступить, which denotes the future tense. Present tense would be выступают.


Почему в посказках "ансамбль" есть, а как ответ не принят??


In a previous exercise we marked wrong if we wrote 'артисты' for 'artists'. Now it's wrong if i dont do so.

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