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Questions about possessive sentences?

I just got to Genitive 1 on the Russian tree. I was a little confused.

For example, in the sentence У мамы есть хлеб ("mom has bread") why is the word "mom" in plural form?

And if I wanted to say "moms have bread", how would I distinguish plural from singular?

November 11, 2015

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Actually, here мамы is singular, it's just in the genitive case. "Moms have bread" would be У мам есть хлеб. Мам is the genitive case of the plural (moms). It's important to remember that in these types of sentences (У "X person" есть "Y thing") the person doing the possession will always be in the genitive case and the thing being possessed will be in the nominative. I hope that helps!

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