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  5. "Yes, this place is here."

"Yes, this place is here."

Translation:Да, это место здесь.

November 11, 2015



what is the difference between "да, здесь это место " and ", это место здесь."


The first: "Yes, here is that place." And the second: "that place is here".


can someone please explain the difference between zdes', tut, and vot. because i always use one over the other in these situatiosn and get it wrong and i cant really make much of a destinction.


Здесь and тут are interchangeable and they mean "here"

Вот means "here is" (when you're announcing something/presenting something to someone)

Hope this helps :) Happy learning!


thank you that is very helpful, i will try to remember that next time. Also does that mean that i can put either Здесь or тут and it wont mark me wrong?


Yes. "Здесь" should be accepted wherever "тут" is. And if one of them is missing, that's probably because we forgot to add it, so be sure to report it. :)


"Да, здесь есть это место"

Is this still correct? But placing emphasis on what is here rather than where место is?


It is also valid but it has a little different meaning, I guess...

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