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"Sie und ich wollen Freunde sein."

Translation:She and I want to be friends.

November 11, 2015



"She and I", "You and I" and "They and I" should all be accepted. "She and me" is not correct English - even if it is used by some, incorrectly.


Yes, I totally agree with this. I keep getting Sie/sie mixed up. I'll just have to Google tips for knowing the difference because it is so unclear ...


Here it's not a mix up. You have no way of knowing if it's she or they, because later you have plural verb no matter what.


thoughts on "she and I would like to be friends"? I know Möchten and wollen are different but it sounds slightly awkward saying "want to be friends"


Why not "They and I want to be friends"?


In English, it would be extremely odd to say "they and I." Instead, you would just say "we."


Yeah, but it's german sentence we have to translate.


how could you tell in this context if sie means they or she?


Using the microphone on this exercise; I only had to say, "Sie und ich wollen Freunde", and didn't get to say "sein" before it marked it correct. Any clues? This kind of makes me sad; here I thought my enunciation was getting good; and now in these latest lessons, it's so good I don't even have to say the whole sentence. This is the first time I'm reporting this; but, it's not the first time it has happened. I am starting to lose count; but, I'd say at least 5 times so far on different exercises, in the most recent categories. While I prefer the old number system, I just finished 50% of V: modal. lol I guess we just want friends, but don't want to be friends... :-o Duo should check this out... find out what's wrong.


I agree that the voice recognition is very inconsistent. Sometimes when I say things very clearly it is counted as wrong. Other times when I just mumble incomprehensible nonsense it counts it as correct. I finally just gave up on using the microphone.


the pronunciation is horrible. the word wollen sounds like "wo-en" without the “l”. Same case as sollen


Foiled again by my bad English!


Jemand ist in der Freundzone.


Why is YOU AND ME WANT TO BE FRIENDS wrong, or how can I distinguish "Sie" (you formal) and "sie"(they) when "Sie" comes at the beginning? Due to any word in that initial position takes capitalized form.


In English, you would say "You and I . . . "; not "you and me . . . ."


Uh huh, totally mutual decision I'm sure...


I had: "Her and I want to be friends". Maybe not the technically correct English, but most people would say this in conversation. (I'm a native English speaker.)


You could give an argument for people saying 'me and her...', but 'her and I' is really awful English, arguably worse than 'me and her'; and I can't say I remember the last time someone said it


I've never heard someone say "She and I ___" in conversation. This sounds very formal to my ears. It sounds appropriate only for an essay, or formal writing. (I live in Canada. Maybe it's a Canadian thing.)

Instead, we'd phrase the idea differently. "We want to be friends", or "The two of us want to be friends". But never "She and I", as grammatically correct as it may be. It's like how we end sentences with prepositions when we speak. While technically "wrong", it wouldn't be wrong from a translation perspective - the point was conveyed, with no room for misinterpretation.


I understand that it may be acceptable from an understanding viewpoint, but why should duolingo encourage a translation that is incorrect? I would say it's good practice anyway to translate to the most correct English


No one I know would say that...


And no one I know would would say: "She and I want to be friends". Or "She and I work together". It's an awkward sentence.


It is not at all awkward and is the only way it sounds (and is) right...


Why not "She and me"? It's idiomatic to use "me" in this way.


I'd disagree. It sounds very unnatural.

(It's also grammatically incorrect, since "She" and "I" are both part of the subject.)


It's perfectly normal English. Coming from Swedish, I understand that German doesn't do it, but English does it all the time.


It really doesn't sound normal to me when "she and me" act as a subject. "She and me want to be friends." Nope. It sounds very wrong to me as a native English speaker from the East Coast.


No, that's completely wrong. The test to determine correctness is this. Say each one separately. She wants to be friends. (Correct) I want to be friends (Correct) therefore: She and I want to be friends. (Correct) Me want to be friends. uh... NO, unless you're The Lone Ranger's friend. And we'll have to figure out which one is 'she' o-: ;-)


Chip, you object Mark while agreeing to the same, namely usage of "me" in place of subject is incorrect. Such objection seems illogical and confusing.

Also, your "test" doesn't really prove anything. Those who insist on using "me" as subject would do all the same in your test too. Alas.

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