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Whole School/District Set Up

Is there a way to create a Whole school/District admin for a school? Or is it only class by class?

For example a way to manage all of the students using it at our campus. Input all students at once then "assign" them to teachers or classes? This would allow me as the LS IT Integrationist to set up the accounts with the students usernames and passwords that we already use and not allow for the students to make mistakes when setting up their accounts.

November 11, 2015

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We do not offer those types of accounts yet. We are working on something that might make some of this process easier for students and teachers. For now, a class could technically be "transferred" if the original teacher downloaded the spreadsheet on the "activity details" page and shared the list of emails with the next teacher, who could then easily invite the whole list. Sorry we don't offer exactly what you are after at the moment!

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