"The chicken is so tasty here!"

Translation:Здесь такая вкусная курица!

November 11, 2015

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What is wrong with здесь курица такая вкусная


I'd also like to know


Still no reply:( i still want to know! It seems none of the russian experts are answering question.


Still nothing. :/


Same question


Just report it. It is correct.


No need to report it. Both are accepted. 11-13-21


Worked for me! 7/2/20


Seeing as there has not been a solid answer yet (as of 2020-06-05) I can only translate the duo answer as "here >so delicious a chicken<" and the only comparison I have is that in Polish you commonly say the structure of такая вкусная курица (taka smaczna kura/taki smaczny kurczak). Taking the comment someone mentioned that the sentence focuses on the location (here, здесь) - just put it first. For polish speakers: "Tutaj (jest) taki dobry kurczak."


It is accepted. 11 march 2021


Nothing wrong. The given answer above is less a statement and more an excited expression. Both accepted.


Is "Курица такая вкусная здесь!" incorrect and if so - why?


The word order is very weird. You know, it's like listening to Yoda ;)


Would that word order be appropriate if we wanted to emphasize that here (not at Mc King for example, but in this particular family-run fast-food store) chicken is so tasty? Like, I tasted chicken at a lot of places but here it is so tasty, with here being the most important information.


That's what I was wondering too...


That's like "The tasty chicken is here". Like saying "девочки здес." means "The girls are here."

Now, I left out какая, since "The such tasty chicken is here." sounds altogether odd/nonsensical, so maybe that is the reason why you're right. Hopefully that native bilingual contributor chimes in here! :D


I'm a native. It must be accepted


Should be accepted.


When would you use очень and when would you use такая? Could you say "здесь очень вкусная курица"?


"Очень вкусная" would mean "very tasty", "такая" derives from "так", "so". I can't tell you much about the occasions it can be used, I guess it depends on how you want to express your appreciation...? "The chicken is very tasty!" and "The chicken is so tasty!" are pretty much the same.


I tried Курица здесь такая вкусная


Same here. Why is it wrong?


No idea - I just made the same mistake, if it´s really a mistake. ... And a few seconds later wrong again: I wrote здесь курица такая вкусная, but obviously this is not correct either ...


It's a weird word order, given your adjectives are broken from the modifying noun by the здесь in such a short sentence. Generally the adjectives precede your noun. Beautiful girl, tasty chicken, big man etc. Такая вкусная курица здесь works but sounds weird, more likely to occur in spoken to emphasize something. Here there is such tasty chicken is the best word order for the simple sentence.


Just tried the same and got it wrong. 17/11/19


if anything, your answer best matches the translation. no clue why this still isn't accepted.


Why can't we change the word order to emphasize different things? I get that the last word of the sentence is supposed to be the important bit of information, so the accepted translation says "The CHICKEN is so tasty here", but what if I read it as "The chicken is SO TASTY here", or "The chicken is so tasty HERE"? Why are no altered word orders accepted?


I wonder, wouldn't this translate as "There is such a good chicken here."? It follows the same pattern like the sentences of the There is -skill. If so, how do you say "The chicken is so tasty here!" in Russian?


What's the difference between так and такая?

  • "Такой (такая, такое, такие)" are used to describe nouns or adjectives (and usually go before them) :

Эти ботинки такие хорошие! = These shoes are so good!

Он не сделал бы этого, он не такой человек. = He wouldn't do that, he isn't that kind of person.

They are also used in the following expressions:

Что это такое? = What is this?

Кто он (это) такой / Кто она такая / Кто они такие? = Who is he (that) / Who is she / Who are they?

  • "Так" is used to describe adverbs or verbs (and usually goes before them):

Нельзя так работать. = You can't work like this.

Она так хорошо говорит по-русски! = She speaks Russian so well!

"Так" can also be used at the end of the sentence:

Это так? = Is it so?

Сегодня всё не так. = Today everything goes wrong.

Source: http://easyrussian.info/takoy-versus-tak/


Isn't 'такая' describing 'delicious' in this sentence? Therefore should take adverb form as it's describing an adjective? This is a very confusing topic for me... ಠ_ಠ


Confused me too. Tasty is an adjective which would mean такая.


All these should be accepted: Здесь/тут такая вкусная курица! Здесь/тут такой вкусный цыплёнок! Здесь/тут курица такая вкусная! Здесь/тут цыплёнок такой вкусный! Курица здесь/тут такая вкусная! Цыпленок здесь/тут такой вкусный!


I'm here to learn, not to rack up points, so I never care when my slightly different answer is not accepted. (A fallible robot is checking our answers, after all.) Here I entered курица здесь такая вкусная, and I'm interested to hear from a native speaker: Does this construction sound awkward? Does it convey a different nuance then was posed by the question?


тут курица такая вкусная not accepted.. is it because i used "тут" instead of "здесь?"

honestly when i read "Здесь такая вкусная курица! " it translates (to me) like: "There is such tasty chicken here." disclaimer, i'm not a native Russian speaker, so i could be wrong about that.


I'm trying to figure it out too... In the meantime, maybe this could be of any help: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/11564662


does “there is such delicious chicken here” work ?


i said здесь есть такая вкусная курица, should be acceptable?


Why is it wrong: курица такая вкусная здесь?


sentence seems to be written as "there is such tasty chicken here".


"Тут курица такая вкусная!" was marked incorrect. I guess it has to be the word order, but it strikes me as odd that курица would have to be at the end, given that the emphasis of the sentence is on it being tasty as far as I understand, and not at all at it being chicken. Is this word order really wrong here?


Strikes me more as "Here the chicken is so tasty!" possibly as a response to "I hate the chicken here.", for example.


Ugh. It's so confusing. Тут instead of здесь should be fine, though.


Should be accepted too.


The way you write in Russian is the only right way? There is no other way to express oneself?


"Курица здесь такая вкусная" and why it was not accepted?! It is sompletely the same meaning


What is the difference between такая and очень?


Такая = so/such

Очень = very


am i allowed to write курица здесь такая вкусная to place emphasis on its tastiness at a particular eatery instead of due to it being chicken?


Такая вкусная курица здесь What is not right here


The inline translation is not really correct


"Курица такая вкусная здесь" would seem a more simple and correct English translation.

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