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  5. "Да, иногда я туда хожу."

"Да, иногда я туда хожу."

Translation:Yes, I sometimes go there.

November 11, 2015



To remember what иногда means, imagine a girl named Dot (or the character from Animaniacs if you are old enough to remember it) who SOMETIMES wears Ugg boots: IN UGG DOt = иногда


My way to remember иногда: Когда = When In a "gda" = In a time, or sometimes


Or 'young enough' to remember


Are «там» and «туда» interchangeable?


No. Там, тут means there, here, туда, куда, суда means to there, to whare and to here (very similar to thither, whither and hither)


Why is "Yes, I sometimes walk there." incorrect? Is it because there is a destination implied in the sentence?

[deactivated user]

    It’s correct. This course is still in beta, so it sometimes doesn’t accept correct variants because the authors didn’t think about them. Next time you get this question, please report this error to the course creators by clicking on 'My answer should be accepted'.


    "I sometimes walk there" means "Я иногда хожу (прогуливаюсь / гуляю) ТАМ" - (где?) - IN the park. Я хожу ТУДА - (куда?) - TO the park.


    Is туда required to be before the verb?


    "yes, i am going there sometimes" - is it incorrect answer or it correct and I can add it to system by option "My answer should be accepted' ?


    "I am going there sometimes" doesn't really work because of the "sometimes", it changes the sentence. In this case, you wouldn't use the present tense "going", you'd just say "I go there sometimes" (or "I sometimes go there" or "sometimes I go there"). Does that make sense?


    What about "sometimes", where it should be? "Yes, I sometimes walk there." and "Yes, I walk there sometimes " - have any difference or they are absolutely equivalence ?


    That doesn't matter. Both are used. The later one sounds more natural to me however.


    "Yes, sometimes I walk there" also works fine!


    So what is the difference between туда and куда?

    [deactivated user]
      • туда = there, to that place,
      • куда? = where?, to what place?

      Aside from being an interrogative pronoun, куда can also be used to connect clauses in a complex sentence:

      • Она знает, куда я хожу. She knows where I go.


      So is туда more of a response to a question?

      [deactivated user]

        Well, yes. Or it can be used in a question that's not a question about place (e.g. Заче́м она́ туда́ ходи́ла? 'Why did she go there?').


        It doesn't give me the option to reply to your last post and I can't seem to find anyway to directly message you so I'll respond here. I understood там to mean "there" as in -"где мяч?" -"там" pointing to someplace.

        The example I was referring to was "зачем она туда ходила?". I guess they just mean different kinds of "there" then?

        [deactivated user]

          Right, there're different kinds of 'there':

          • Why did she go there (=to that place)?
          • Where is the ball? It's there (=in that place).


          So in that last example, you couldn't use там because that references a place like in view or something right? Or are they interchangeable in that example?

          [deactivated user]

            In what example?

            Там = in that place, туда = to that place.


            Since a location is specified, shouldn't one be using the concrete иду?


            Is there a way to make such an emphasis in Russian: "Yes, I sometimes do go there"?


            Is it "walking there" or "walking to there" because if it is not "walking to there" this changes everything. "Walking there" and " Going there" have very different meanings.


            "Yes, sometimes I am going there" should work, but is not accepted

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