"Bazı elmalar yeşildir."

Translation:Some apples are green.

November 11, 2015



How can I say "Some of the apples are green"?

April 23, 2016


Elmaların bazıları yeşildir

December 21, 2017


Can I say "Bazı elma yeşildir" or is that incorrect. I am wondering to see elmalar instead of elma only. After bazı the noun must be put in plural ?

February 14, 2018


Thats incorrect, because in that example apple is singular but the other two words are pluraized. Yes I couldn't think of an example where a singular word can follow Bazı.

November 20, 2018


is this a fact that (a kind of apple) is green

November 11, 2015


It is a fact that some types of apples are green :)

November 11, 2015


and those apples are the best :)

November 20, 2018


There has been no reply to question 4 months ago regarding saying 'Some of the apples are green. Surely there is no difference between some apples and some of the apples.

September 17, 2016


I read an answer for the same question in another thread. There's a difference. Some of the apples would be: Elmaları bazıları (I'm sure about the word order and about bazıları, but I'm not completely sure whether it was elma, elmalar or elmaları). Hopefully a Turkish speaker will come and will provide us with the right answer.

January 8, 2017


Im a turk and ı cant even understand the what the voice said once.She says the words so different right? (Sorry for bad english)

July 14, 2019
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