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  5. "Siz kasımda kahve içersiniz."

"Siz kasımda kahve içersiniz."

Translation:You drink coffee in November.

November 11, 2015



What is the meaning of kasım ?



The months are: ocak, şubat, mart, nisan, mayıs, haziran, temmuz, ağustos, eylül, ekim, kasım, aralık.

(If you want the origin of the word: it's from an Arabic word قاسم which means, if I understand correctly, something like "the one that splits". But in Turkish it's simply a month name.)


İt is interesting that in Turkish the names of the months are taken at least from three different sources (if not more). There is the system used in the Levant and İraq (from which şubat, nisan, haziran, temmuz, and eylül were taken or vice versa); there is the more common system in Europe and other Arab countries (from which mart, mayıs, ağustos were taken) and there is one or even more for the rest, which İ don't know where they came from and how. Aralık and ocak sound Turkic to me, but kasım, as Philip said, maybe Arabic. But it is not the name of a month. İt does mean literally "divider", but it is most commonly a person's name. Prophet Mohammad had a son called kasim.


"aralık" and "ocak" are indeed Turkish words.

"aralık" is something like "the space in between" or "gap".

"ocak" is "hearth, oven".


Waw nice job Philip that's true قاسم is a name which means the one who splits or a divider but not a name of any month in Arabic :) I really admired your Arabic information because Arabic is a difficult language good luck


Why kasimda is correct but kasim not, here there is no need the etymology of the word.


you provided me the names of months.. thanx


thankkks! that helped very much


To All ..thanks much.. Since, Urdu is my mother tongue, i am familiar with the word kasim/kasım/قاسم ..all i wanted to know was the meaning of kasım in this sentence as a turkish word. :) Although the word "Urdu" itself is derived from the Turkish word ordu (army), from which English horde is also derived. Urdu words originating from Turkish and Arabic were borrowed through Persian and hence are Persianized versions of the original words. “Urdu is a mixture of Persian, Arabic and Turkish words formed with the intermingling of invading Muslim armies and local Hindi-speaking Hindus. It’s a Turkish word which means Army camp, hoard, etc.” I very much appreciate your efforts ..thanks all :)


As far as I know, it has no special meaning. It is just "November" :)


What a great thread! I love seeing the etymologies of these words :) Teşekkürler!


Aralik is a loan word to Greek too, αραλίκι, meaning not a month but a time to rest. It seems that it's an agricultural name for the month,as farmers rest themselves this month, in the winter, you know.


Kedi degilsiniz. Kediler martta kahve içer.


Kasim is a pure Arabic word. It is possible to be a separator also. So it separates between winter and fall.


It doesn't have that meaning in Turkish. It just means "November"

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