"Where are the desks?"

Translation:Где столы?

November 11, 2015

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Why no? Где эти столы?


That would be "Where are these tables"


No письменные столы? Boo.


I believe you are definitely right. A desk is письменный стол or парта. I have reported.


That seems to be more specifically a "writing desk", but I would think you might try to report it and see if it might also be allowed. http://dictionary.reverso.net/english-russian/desk


No где рабочие столы?


Or рабочие or tables


What is the difference between ь and ы ?

[deactivated user]

    They are completely different. Ь is a soft sign, it changes the previous consonant by making it soft (palatised). See my answer here for some examples.

    Ы is a vowel. English doesn't have this vowel, it's something in-between u and i. In fact, Ы is completely unrelated to Ь: in the past, it was written ъі, so it's related to Ъ and not to Ь (but the relation to ъ is not obvious in modern Russian either).


    If you're familiar with the international phonetic alphabet, ы is pronounced [ɨ] while ь palatalizes the preceding consonant (e.g. ть will be pronounced [tʲ]).


    Why are some plurals formed with и and some with ы? Is it for masculine and feminine or the other way around? And am I right in generally assuming that the nouns finished by "o" are masculine and with "a" feminine?

    [deactivated user]

      No, it depends on the last consonant of the stem.

      For example, in «стол», the last consonant is hard, so we use «ы»: «столы́». In «ко́нь» 'horse', the last consonant is soft (нь), so we use «и»: «ко́ни».

      Some consonants don't have a soft/hard distinction. They always use «и». E.g. мяч 'ball' — мячи 'balls,' нож 'knife' — ножи. For historical reasons, к, г, х fall into this group: каза́х 'Kazahk' — каза́хи. Even though they technically have a soft/hard distinction in modern Russian, the ending is still -и.

      It's the same for feminine nouns. Липа 'linden' has a stem лип-, it ends in hard consonant so the plural is липы. Ба́ня 'bath house' has a stem бань-, so the plural is ба́ни. Да́ча 'dacha' has a stem дач-, ч doesn't have soft hard/distinction, so the plural is да́чи.

      There is no way to distinguish masculine and feminine nouns in plural.


      Very well explained… I guess… I still don't get it...


      Стоят? What is this - ive never seen it before


      It's "to stand" I believe ?


      In my opinion: Где письменные столы (without находятся) should also be correct


      Why does the pronunciation of the vowel "о" change so much between стол, столе and столы?

      [deactivated user]

        In сто́л, O is stressed so it's pronounced like O.

        In столе́ and столы́, O is not stressed, so it's pronounced as a reduced vowel closer to A than to O.


        desks - "письменные столы" tables - "столы" 16.02.2018


        what's the difference between столы and столв?

        [deactivated user]

          «Стол» is singular, «столы́» is plural. (Both are Nominative case forms.)


          if you mean столы and столов, first is nominative, second is genitiv


          I did письменные столы and it's still considered wrong.


          Где "письменные столы"? - correctly


          More correct парты (школьные парты, как вариант перевода)


          Why is this not prepositional? Because the question asks "where"?

          [deactivated user]

            Prepositional is used after prepositions. We don't have a preposition here.

            If you reworded a sentence with a preposition, you'd have a prepositional case: В како́м ме́сте столы́? 'In what place are the tables?'. Here, «како́м ме́сте» is prepositional.


            Is there a difference between desk and tables or are they being mushed into the four legged things that stub your toes group?


            Can anyone please tell me the difference between " стол" , "столы" and "столе"


            Стол - one desk Столы - many desks, plural noun Столе - Prepositional case of стол (http://www.russianlessons.net/grammar/nouns_prepositional.php)


            What is wrong? Где эти столы?


            It is possible to choose the wrong answer "где столе", and it says it is right but with a typo!


            Difference between столы and столе?


            They say in the meaning is где but they say its wrong

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