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  5. "Where are the desks?"

"Where are the desks?"

Translation:Где столы?

November 11, 2015



No письменные столы? Boo.


I believe you are definitely right. A desk is письменный стол or парта. I have reported.


That seems to be more specifically a "writing desk", but I would think you might try to report it and see if it might also be allowed. http://dictionary.reverso.net/english-russian/desk


No где рабочие столы?


Or рабочие or tables


Why no? Где эти столы?


That would be "Where are these tables"


What is the difference between ь and ы ?

[deactivated user]

    They are completely different. Ь is a soft sign, it changes the previous consonant by making it soft (palatised). See my answer here for some examples.

    Ы is a vowel. English doesn't have this vowel, it's something in-between u and i. In fact, Ы is completely unrelated to Ь: in the past, it was written ъі, so it's related to Ъ and not to Ь (but the relation to ъ is not obvious in modern Russian either).


    If you're familiar with the international phonetic alphabet, ы is pronounced [ɨ] while ь palatalizes the preceding consonant (e.g. ть will be pronounced [tʲ]).


    Ы is pronounced like i But ь makes words pronounce tough


    Why are some plurals formed with и and some with ы? Is it for masculine and feminine or the other way around? And am I right in generally assuming that the nouns finished by "o" are masculine and with "a" feminine?

    [deactivated user]

      No, it depends on the last consonant of the stem.

      For example, in «стол», the last consonant is hard, so we use «ы»: «столы́». In «ко́нь» 'horse', the last consonant is soft (нь), so we use «и»: «ко́ни».

      Some consonants don't have a soft/hard distinction. They always use «и». E.g. мяч 'ball' — мячи 'balls,' нож 'knife' — ножи. For historical reasons, к, г, х fall into this group: каза́х 'Kazahk' — каза́хи. Even though they technically have a soft/hard distinction in modern Russian, the ending is still -и.

      It's the same for feminine nouns. Липа 'linden' has a stem лип-, it ends in hard consonant so the plural is липы. Ба́ня 'bath house' has a stem бань-, so the plural is ба́ни. Да́ча 'dacha' has a stem дач-, ч doesn't have soft hard/distinction, so the plural is да́чи.

      There is no way to distinguish masculine and feminine nouns in plural.


      Very well explained… I guess… I still don't get it...


      Стоят? What is this - ive never seen it before


      It's "to stand" I believe ?


      Why does the pronunciation of the vowel "о" change so much between стол, столе and столы?

      [deactivated user]

        In сто́л, O is stressed so it's pronounced like O.

        In столе́ and столы́, O is not stressed, so it's pronounced as a reduced vowel closer to A than to O.


        In my opinion: Где письменные столы (without находятся) should also be correct


        what's the difference between столы and столв?

        [deactivated user]

          «Стол» is singular, «столы́» is plural. (Both are Nominative case forms.)


          and столв? What case is that?

          [deactivated user]

            Oh. «Столв» is a typo, it should be «столы». «В» and «ы» are close by on the keyboard.


            if you mean столы and столов, first is nominative, second is genitiv


            Why is this not prepositional? Because the question asks "where"?

            [deactivated user]

              Prepositional is used after prepositions. We don't have a preposition here.

              If you reworded a sentence with a preposition, you'd have a prepositional case: В како́м ме́сте столы́? 'In what place are the tables?'. Here, «како́м ме́сте» is prepositional.


              Is there a difference between desk and tables or are they being mushed into the four legged things that stub your toes group?


              Can anyone please tell me the difference between " стол" , "столы" and "столе"


              Стол - one desk Столы - many desks, plural noun Столе - Prepositional case of стол (http://www.russianlessons.net/grammar/nouns_prepositional.php)


              I did письменные столы and it's still considered wrong.


              desks - "письменные столы" tables - "столы" 16.02.2018


              Где "письменные столы"? - correctly


              More correct парты (школьные парты, как вариант перевода)


              What is wrong? Где эти столы?


              whats up with this russian translation?


              'bl' is not on the English keyboard, so the 'c' for the 's' plural will have to do?

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