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  5. "Ребёнок открывает дверь."

"Ребёнок открывает дверь."

Translation:The child is opening the door.

November 11, 2015



Could someone explain roughly what ages Ребёнок covers? I think I've seen it sometimes for baby and sometimes for child. (The second question I guess is, is it actually wrong that I translated it as 'baby' here?)


Singular is "a child" - "ребёнок", plural "children" is "дети". Age from newborn to adulthood or teen age. Also, it depends from the situation. For example, when somebody buys plane tickets for his family - his 12 years old child considered as an adult


I am having a brainfade moment in that I can't think of what/whether there's a specific word for baby, I think there might be, but I think in this context it would arguably be a bit weird for a baby to actually be opening a door, so even if in another context ребёнок could mean baby, here it doesn't really make sense to translate it that way.


Google translate suggests детка but I've also heard малютка before.


As the door swung open with a creak, the music rose into an ominous D-minor...


I'm not a big fan of horror, but i really appreciate what you did here. This is the first comment like this that ive seen.


maybe not really related to this specific sentence but learning russian on duolingo makes me realize how much of a pain in *** it must be for, say, an english speaker. i am slavic and i understand half of the words through similarity or etymology LET ALONE the grammar which is very intuitive if you know at least one slavic language (with minor exceptions). but JESUS how do you memorize all this plus the tricky slavic pronunciation when you're not slavic.. you have my respect if you exist


Is "toddler" a correct translation for Ребёнок ?


It's too narrow. "Ребёнок" is a child, not necessarily a toddler.


I said child but my answer was marked wrong, saying I should have said "kid." Really?!


What is the difference between открывать and открыть?


In Polish odkrywać (открывать) means to discover. "The child discovers the door" :p


In Russian "открывать" means "to discover" too. As well as "to open". It's a homonym.


Child safety locks people! This whole tragedy could have been avoided. Plus I wouldn't be stuck in traffic right now.

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