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"Куди ти їздив на машині вчора?"

Translation:Where did you go by car yesterday?

November 11, 2015



we also say "in the car" to mean "by car"


"Where did you go in the car yesterday?"

Thanks, good to know! I'm not used to this one.


It's slightly complicated, but "in the car", "on the bus", "on the train" etc are all very very nearly synonymous with "by car", "by bus", "by train". In this example "by car" feels like the slightly less natural way to say it.


I see... Now that I think of it it's true! I don't say "I went there by bike" but rather "on a bike". Maybe that's because "by" sounds as if you were taken there, by train, by bus, and on/in is when you were the one driving?..


I don't know... maybe! A lot of these idiomatic expressions don't have an obvious literal explanation.

I actually can't explain it very well at all. There are situations in which "by x" WOULD seem more natural to me, but I can't figure out what determines it!

It may even just be a regional variation thing. It's such a minor shade of meaning.


I'm guessing Ukrainian is one of those languages that doesn't translate well word for word to English. In English we'd simply say "Where did you drive yesterday?" Is this sentence simply the way a Ukrainian speaker would ask the same thing?


In Ukrainian one can shuffle the word positions almost freely to achieve the desired emphasis on the words you like.

The variants of this same sentence would include:

"Куди ти їздив на машині вчора?", "Куди ти їздив вчора на машині?", "Куди ти вчора їздив на машині?"

"Куди ти вчора на машині їздив?", "Куди ти на машині вчора їздив?", ...

"Ти куди їздив на машині вчора ?", + variations

Just SO MANY. This freedom of shuffling 1) assists what we have in every language with intonations: "Where did you drive yesterday?", "Where did you drive yesterday?" 2) gives one time to think of what to say next while already saying what you know first 3) leaving the most exciting part to the end ("I like hamburgers... not!") 4) urgently saying the most important part first and then adding details 5) ...


Where did you drive yesterday? has not been accepted as the translation.


"Where did you drive by car yesterday" should be totally accepted. Not having "by car" there doesn't change anything though, "Where did you drive..?" kind of implies by car. So I'd say yours should be accepted as well. Please report and thanks!


I have reported it. Thank you.


Yes, we don't have one word to translate "drive". We only have їздити and try to work with it :)


"IN the car" feels a lot like "in the luggage compartment" to me :(


I agree... I removed it from the defaults, now the main displayed version will be "Where did you [go/drive] by car yesterday?"

Maybe "in the" is a valid translation, but it does sound weird...


Almost the whole Ukrainian course sounds weird sometimes. So many flaws which are not corrected even after several people have reported them.


What is the past tense of іти і їхати?


він ішов/їхав

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