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  5. "She drinks a lot of juice."

"She drinks a lot of juice."

Translation:Она пьёт много сока.

November 11, 2015



Is СОКА in the partitive here?

[deactivated user]

    Partitive would be «соку», and yes, it can be used here too (but it’ll sound a bit old-fashioned and dialectal).

    Russian has no real Partitive case, Genitive is usually used where other languages use Partitive. However, some nouns have a Partitive form (or the second genitive form, as we used to call it in the university).


    Not in this case. "Много" just requires the use of the genetive case (just like the English "a lot of [something]").


    why not сок in accusative?


    Because in this case the genitive sort of overrides the accusative since the sentence focuses specifically on her drinking a certain amount of juice.


    I said "Она много пьет сока." and it didn't accept.

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