"чёрная кровь"

Translation:black blood

November 11, 2015

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This might be a reference to the Russian lyrical poet Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Blok. His poem, The Scythians, has some translations that use the term black blood. Here is the verse containing this term:

"So, Russia - Sphinx - triumphant, sorrowed, too - With black blood flows, in fearful wildness, Her eyes glare deep, glare deep, glare deep at you, With hatred and - with loving-kindness!"


Well, you can also recall Lermontov and his verse 'The death of the poet': "И вы не смоете всей вашей чёрной кровью поэта праведную кровь".


Thank you for this ! I enjoy those kind of comments a lot


link? i find other translation of this


If a blue bug bleeds black blood, what colour does a black bug bleed?




red, lab-tested 10/10


By the way, I recently came across a really good Russian other author with the pseudonym Саша Чёрный. I would really recommend his book «Дневник Фокса Микки» for intermediate learners of Russian (B1~B2), like me, because it’s not so hard to read and you really get most of the story, but you still learn some new words.

I received a book called «Домашнее Чтение» for Christmas and it contains some really good children’s stories, including «Дневник Фокса Микки», but also some other similar stories by Максим Горький and Николай Матеевич Грибачёв. I will begin reading tomorrow!


thank you so much, i feel lost after duolingo...

my advice - get skyrim from steam and change change it to the language you're learning and it has full audio and text ( >1000 conversations)

also, watch russian TV without subtitles. if you don't understand it now, it will help you learn it later.


Yeah weirdly enough changing languages in a game or something you use often seems helpful. Although i found it a bit tiring almost, and instead of reading words properly i just ended up seeing them as symbols and didn't feel like i was learning. Unfortunately learning cannot come without effort :(


I'm back, 2 years later. I figured out what to do... at least, this is what i did to get 'fluent' i guess...

1- played a good amount of skyrim (steam version) after switching language. (keep in mind other languages have more 'old speak' than english, you if you do this too much you might sound like a stone-age shakespeare)

2 - watched a lot of american cartoons in russian (this is better for how people talk today, as it's what children watch too, and they basically control how a language evolves)

3 - after you've thoroughly watched adventure time (or some other translated show) and google translated enough to just be able to speak, go to online chats or games like vrchat and give it a go ^_^

(watching something familiar to you will help your memory, as it will almost "shift over" your emotional association with all of the words you know in your native language. If you start feeling like you're 3 years old again and you don't know why, it's working)

...keep in mind that there are a lot of nationalistic Russians that can and will dislike you off the bat for not being native, so get prepared to get kicked. a lot.

like a lot... lol

-if you seriously don't want to take the tv route at all, but are more into gaming, try https://polyglot-games.com/ as a guide for steam games with good options, my personal full russian recommendations:

Watch dogs 2 (3 isn't released yet)

Skyrim (oldspeak)

Witcher 3 (oldspeak)


I've been taking this kind of approach as well while supplementing with Duolingo. One invaluable resource that bears mentioning is Twitch. If you shop around a bit you can easily find streamers who are great for language practice -- talkative, articulate, describe what they're doing in game, etc.

A few of my own favourites:

@RomanovaLera -- tends to play HearthStone about half the time, which is not great for learning, but also plays other games, and speaks well.

@WELOVEGAMES -- Has a great "radio voice" and a good sense of humour. Good variety of games as well.

@busya18plus -- A tiddy streamer, but hear me out. She (a) is hilarious, and (b) literally structures her streams as satirical "lessons", which can end up being surprisingly educational for a Russian learner.

Also highly, highly recommend Tatiana Klimova on YouTube -- she delivers Russian lessons in Russian, spoken slowly and clearly and using simple words. Each video typically introduces one word or compares and contrasts several words with similar meanings.


The FIRST thing I thought when I read this was replaying Witcher 3 in Russian.

I've also been watching Russian TV shows on Netflix. It takes me a few hours to get through an episode. I watch with subtitles and replay any parts I can sort of understand. Метод is GREAT for learners because the lead is classically trained and you can UNDERSTAND what he says. Even if you don't know the meaning of the words he's using, you can make them out as words. Other shows can be more difficult to make out and can sound very mummbly and can be hard to pick up words you DO know, let alone ones you can't. It IS Russian Dexter though, so if you don't like serial killer shows you shouldn't watch. Also, people get burned alive shockingly often in only 16 episodes. But if you can be with that, it is an excellent show for picking up the language.

I've also been listening to a lot of Охххумирон (he's a Russian rapper) and I find that helps too. Though his lyrics are NOT simple, he is incredibly technically skilled and has excellent diction. It is more something I'm working TOWARDS understanding, but his beats are so sick and his earworms so compelling I usually hear it even when I'm not listening and it keeps me excited to keep learning.

Thank you for starting this conversation! I'm excited to see how other people use media to learn and I will try replaying Witcher 3 in Russian!


Love you guys for all your recommendations.. :-))


Or get Metro Exodus, and play it completely in Russian lol.


Thank you, I just bought that first ebook on Amazon for 27 cents, USD. That's almost free!

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    Would a more figurative translation be "bad blood"? As in there is bad blood between us?

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    No. There is no blood-related Russian analogue for "bad blood"


    In french we say "se faire un sang d'encre" which can be literally translated into "to make yourself an ink blood", and it means to be extremely worried about something. Can чёрная кровь has the same meaning or it's just a random sentence ?


    There is a TV series

    чёрная кровь

    I think "black blood" in the series is a magic potion


    The oil is black blood of the earth


    что это значит..чёрная кровь ... новый 007 фильм ?? hahahah


    It's not a bad idea to talk to a doctor if you have that problem


    I've heard of blue blood, but never of black blood...


    Tip: Do not Duo Lingo while eating.


    This reminds me of Homer describing "the wine-dark sea".


    Interesting comments - but can we get Duolingo 's Stories please. I do not have the Book Icon. Please can you give it to me.


    carne coagulada ;'v


    I read that during periods women may have black blood...


    Definitely go to the doctors.


    The most br00tal thing I've seen all day long.


    Nobody else thought of Blackbloods in the show 'the Outpost'?

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