"Hi, what's your name?"

Translation:Привет, как тебя зовут?

November 11, 2015



Hello, could I use "вас" instead "тебя" in this case? Like "привет, как вас зовут?" Thanks!

November 11, 2015

[deactivated user]

    «Привет» is an informal greeting, and «вас» is a formal pronoun, so it’s not a good idea to use these two forms together (unless you’re using «вас» as a plural — it can be used in informal speech, but then the English would be "What're your names?").

    November 11, 2015


    Thank you very much for clarifying ;)

    November 12, 2015


    So then, if I were to use "здраствыте", "вас" would work?

    December 28, 2015


    Это по книжкам может и так. Но IRL такое сочетание вполне годное. А "пока" (тоже неформ.) тому, с кем на 'вы' еще чаще используется.

    December 16, 2017


    I was wondering if I could also use вас, haha!

    January 28, 2019


    Is it common to ask people for their names informally?

    December 18, 2015

    [deactivated user]

      Well, it depends. In some situations, e.g. on an informal party or in the university when talking to fellow students, it might be acceptable. At my work, we have a guidelines of using «ты» to everyone, I was explicitly told this when I started this work (although I keep using «Вы» to most people at work anyway ^^').

      In general, I'd recomment to use Вы whenever you're unsure if ты is acceptable.

      Also, if someone addresses you with ты, or uses привет or other informal words, you'd also use ты when answering them in most cases.

      December 18, 2015


      Thanks. :-)

      December 19, 2015


      Can it be '' здравствуй '' ... ?

      December 25, 2015


      I think "вас" is right too :)

      September 10, 2016


      Привет, как твое имя, почему не правильно ?

      December 5, 2016


      Why is как вас зовут wrong

      February 15, 2019


      can i use Привет что твоё имя?

      August 14, 2019


      Is it idiomatic to put тебя in front of the verb here? Grammatically как зовут тебя should have been equally correct, shouldn't it?

      February 25, 2016

      [deactivated user]

        «Как зовут тебя» marks «тебя» as the most important information in the sentence. You could use it if you're asking several people's name:

        — Как тебя зовут? 'What's your name?'
        — Иван. 'Ivan.'
        (To a different person:)
        — А как зовут тебя? 'And what's your name?'

        Here, 'naming' is established context, previous sentences were about how people are called, so you give emphasis to «тебя» because it's the part of the question that is different from the previous question (even though the previous sentence also had «тебя» as an object, it referred to a different person so we emphasise «тебя» to show it's the new piece of information).

        But in most cases «Как тебя зовут?» is the only word order that sounds natural.

        February 25, 2016



        February 25, 2016


        I thought как was if your asking "how" and что was "what"

        June 3, 2018

        [deactivated user]

          «Как тебя зовут?» is not translated directly, the Russian sentence is closer to ‘How are you called?’.

          June 3, 2018


          I got it wrong for putting "у тебя" and not only "тебя"...

          August 1, 2018

          [deactivated user]

            Yes, «у тебя» is ungrammatical here.

            «У тебя» is ‘at your possession/at your place’, and «тебя» is ‘you’ in the accusative case, used for direct objects (literally the Russian sentence means ‘how do [they] call you?’).

            August 1, 2018


            yes, it does seem quite odd that you would be so informal with somebody whose name you don't even know...

            August 15, 2018


            We are asking someone's name we don't know and we are using тебя ? Seems to me that whatever the greeting , I would be using как вас зовyт with someone I don't know .

            September 8, 2018


            How can you possibly use the familiar as opposed to formal if you don't even know a person's name?

            November 5, 2018


            How to tell if i should use ты тебя or other forms of the same word?

            January 28, 2019


            Как у тебя зовут? Would this be correct? A friend taught me to say it like this, but Duolingo does not accept it with the у.

            February 26, 2019


            Nothing indicates that "привет" is informal!

            March 22, 2019


            Как насчет того что в Английском нет 'тебя'?

            August 19, 2018


            This is nonsense. If you're close enough to use ты, you're not gonna be asking their name.

            April 29, 2018

            [deactivated user]

              The usage of «вы»/«ты» is really complex, and ‘don’t use «ты» to people you don’t know’ is just a guideline. If you follow that guideline, you definitely won’t be rude. But this is not cut in stone.

              In some situations you can use «ты» to strangers, e.g. to a fellow students (or in other situations where you’re both quite young and you’re peers) or when speaking to children.

              When I just got my work (I’m a programmer), my boss asked me to use ты to everyone in the office.

              The usage of ты/Вы is really variable, it depends on the place and even on social class. When my Grandpa’s sister from the Russian Far East came to visit us, she used «ты» to shop assistants. This came off as very rude to us, but she said she didn’t intend to be rude, she just used «ты» because those shop assistants were obviously much younger than she is. For her, the age was an important factor.

              April 29, 2018
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