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"Han er tilgjengelig i tre timer."

Translation:He is available for three hours.

November 11, 2015



Please can someone tell me how you would say "He will be available in three hours"?


Just swap out "i" with "om", and you've got it.


Wow, you're quick off the mark! Thanks so much. I love Duolingo! I love the whole way it's structured, the well-timed consolidation of learning, and the way you can get answers to individual questions.


Bare hyggelig! I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it. :)


When I want to buy a monthly ticket for the t-bane, would I say: Jeg vil gjerne kjøpe en billett til t-banen i en måned? ... or FOR en måned? And why?


"Jeg [skulle gjerne kjøpt/vil gjerne kjøpe] en månedsbillett til T-banen." would be better.

But if you'd use your structure you'd have to say 'for en måned'. 'i en måned' would imply that you wanted to buy a new one every day.


Tusen takk! This is what I had thought, before I thought too much about it. So the time span (i tre timer) always refers to the verb (being available, meeting someone, cooking etc. ...)?


I believe that's the case, yes.


how can i tell the difference between "i" meaning "for" and "in?" same with "om" meaning "about" and "in"? because i thought this meant in 3 hours, so how can i tell and not mess up when I'm writing?


Why is is "i tre timer " and not "for tre timer" ?

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