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  5. "Иногда я сплю днём."

"Иногда я сплю днём."

Translation:Sometimes I sleep during the daytime.

November 11, 2015



Try saying "сплю днём" really fast 5 times.


This is something like Esperanto:

kogda -> kiam
Inogda -> Iam
Nikodga -> neniam

I wonder what's next?


Yes, words in Esperanto come from Slavic languages.


Some word, yes. Others come from several other languages.


the creator of esperanto was polish so it is somewhat slavic centric


Must be чогда and тогда

чу ви компренас мин киам ми скрибас эсперантон тиел?


Could this also mean 'sometimes I sleep all day' ? Does it have the connotation of being exceptionally tired or is it more like having a nap in the afternoon?


днём is a declension of день (day), which literally means in (during) the day. All day is целый день. целый: whole


Thanks for that. That could be a very important distinction !


"Sometimes I sleep during the day" was marked wrong; I was told by the all-knowing duo that the correct answer was "Sometimes I sleep during the daytime."


Both are the same. Report it


Hey, not exactly question about this particular sentence, but I was wondering: Is there any rule that says why the verb спать is 2nd conjugation and not 1st?


If by that you mean the imperfective and perfective, or in other words the first and second form of the verb, then: спать is actually the first form, and you need to use the first form in this sentence. The second form is поспать.


Thanks for the reply! I ment that I've understood that there are two different ways to conjugate a verb, 1st Е-conjugation and 2nd и-conjugation. And in this way, спатъ is 2nd conjugation, because it's ты спишь, он спит etc and not ты спаешь, он шпает. Am I right? My question is, that is there any rule, that it's conjugated this way and not the other?


Ahah! Now I get it. Thanks for taking the time and explaining this. Well, there are always better ways to learn grammar. Whenever you feel like you're lost, then know that your teacher isn't good at explaining it. I learnt verb conjugations from Michel Thomas's audio CDs. That is IMHO the best method to start learning Russian. Duolingo on the other hand is perfect for learning declensions. Back to your question, a very useful book named "555 Russian verbs", verb no. 466, explains it like this: спать/поспать to sleep stem: irreg./irreg. regular type 2 verb (like говорить)


Okay, I hoped there's any rule for that, but if irregular, then irregular.. :D Thank you for the reply and recommendations, I like the declensions part as well at the moment, but already see, that I should start working on conjugations and other grammar rules with some other source as well.


Can I use 'occasionally' for 'иногда' instead of 'sometimes'?


"Occasionally" should work fine, "sometimes" sounds a bit better in this case to me, though. :)


AKA... Sometimes I take a nap


Can I use Иногда in a sentences like 'иногда я говорю русский' ?


Иногда я говорю по-русски seems fine. Sometimes you do this, sometimes you do that.. works the same as "sometimes" in English: start your sentences with it, use it as much as like, and have fun with it. To get you more comfortable with the word, listen to this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Wy3p1JSK4s


So is днём the instrumental case?


What a great video. So good to be able to read it simultaneously with the translation. Thanks for posting it


Like the old saying goes, sleep all day/duolingo all night.


Sometimes I just like to translate Russian sentences literally and giggle at the result. E.G. "sometimes I sleep day"


In English, daytime is from sunup to sundown. Doesn't днём mean afternoon?


Is the audio correct? Because I don't hear ю in сплю and д in днём


Native speaker here. For now (October 2020) the audio is correct. So it may be a little hard to hear if the speech is fast but both ю and д are there.


What case is днём? Is that Dative?

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