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"This person needs to read more."

Translation:Этому человеку нужно больше читать.

November 11, 2015



why not "этот человек должен больше читать"? должен / нужно technically means the same?

[deactivated user]

    Meanings of these words partially overlap, but they're not completely the same.

    До́лжен (feminine должна́) usually has the meaning of obligation (я должна́ прийти́ = I must / have to / am to come) or prediction (он до́лжен прийти́ = he will probably come). Ну́жно usually has the meaning of neccessity (мне ну́жно прийти́ = I need to come, I have to come).


    in this case, должен fits fine, but not in DL.


    Thank you. I was just about to ask this.


    I think должен translates more appropriately as 'should/must'.


    Is there a difference between нужно and надо?


    I was always taught that надо is used when you need to do a verb, нужно is for when you need a noun.

    But according to this that's wrong, so I don't know if Duolingo is in error.


    Надо is used with verbs. Нужно can be used with either but when used with nouns you must decline it (I.e нужен, нужна, нужны)


    I've been told that besides how sentences are formed with each that they pretty much mean the same thing but надо is more colloquial.


    Why not этот человек instead of этому человеку?


    Because the expression more closely translates to "More reading is necessary for this man". Больше читать is actually the subject of нужно and этот человек (=nominative case) is an object of нуно so it changes to этому человеку. Think of мне нужно... It's not я, it's мне the dative form... Hope that explanation helps!


    Why not этому человеку нужно много читать


    I think that would mean something more along the lines of "This person needs to read a lot".


    Can someone please explain any difference between "нужно" and "надо"? Спасибо


    Does the sentence change if больше is at the end of it?


    How would this sentence be written using "надо"?

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