"Моя сестра встала сегодня в восемь часов."

Translation:My sister got up today at eight o'clock.

November 11, 2015

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i put down 'woke up' instead of 'got up' and would argue they are nearly interchangeable, no? i know that проснулась is 'to wake' but in casual english its possible to use either, no?


well, yeah, often we don't make a distinction between waking up and actually getting out of bed, but sometimes we do. without any context for the sentence, it would seem better to me to use the the more precise translation.


I don't think they are nearly interchangeable, no. I suppose some people are in the habit of springing out of bed as soon as they're awake, but it's impossible to generalise. You can wake up, but decide it's too early to GET up.


'Wake up' is when you open your eyes 'get up' is when you leave the bed. They're different concepts and commonly confused.


I put "today" at the end and was told that this was a typo! It can be right (as I think) or wrong, but not a typo. When I wanted to report this by clicking the flag, "cancel" was the only available choice.


Same here! The two answers are equivalent, so I have no idea where this "typo" thing comes from.


As of 29 Sep 19, it told me that having "today" at the start of the sentence was a typo as well.


Have you checked if today is what is underlined? Maybe it says typo becaise of "o clock", theres a bug, because even it marks o clock always as a typo, even if it is spelt exactly like they suggest in the correction.


o'clock is a shortened version 'of the clock' which is how the time used to be written in the past


What is the difference between 8 and 08:00? Duolingo will only accept "8."


i thought it was supposed to be "во восемь" when a "в" connects directly to another "в"


Same here. I think it's more natural English word order to put "today" at the end of the sentence.


I agree. Definitely not a typo.


I am surprised that the suggested correct answer substitutes the numeral 8 for the word, although "eight o'clock" was accepted too. Rightly or wrongly, I have always considered it good practice to retain the convention used in the original when translating, so that numbers spelt out in words usually stay that way. Does Russian ever cite the time in numerals?


Yep. You can write 18:00, etc. if you want to.


I already knew this from previous lessons, but I rather like it for using Duolingo - saves me some time at least. However, I wasn't really paying attention to the written text, and just translated what I thought I heard. It actually counts '7' correct as well, which it really shouldn't.


Is there any gramma behind "г" being pronounced "в" in "сегодня" or is it just the way it is?


It once was сего дня, with сей being a demonstrative pronoun like это; today сей is usually considered archaic and occurs mostly in set phrases such as по сей день, as of this day. Therefore it is pronounced as в just as in other genitive endings of words declined like adjectives, which are written -ого or -его, but pronounced -ово or -ево. (This is due to Church Slavonic influence, where the г in these endings is pronounced as it is written.)


No one writes 8 o'clock, they either write 8:00, or eight o'clock.


Is there a native speaker who can tell me why i got marked wrong

My sister today got up at 8 o'clock

For me it sounds fine, but english is my third language so I don't know if i am getting something wrong


The word order sounds peculiar. "Today my sister got up at 8 o'clock", or: "My sister got up at 8 o'clock today", or even: "My sister got up today at 8 o'clock".

So the word order is quite flexible, but: "My sister today got up..." is the one version that sounds rather unnatural.

I think it's that you have separated the verb from the subject. Note that in all the examples I gave, "sister" stays with "got up".

I'm don't think there's an absolute rule against it, but it sounds odd.


It sounds fine to me, as a native English speaker


Today my sister got up at eight


I put today at the end and was told that was a typo. It's not incorrect.


What??? Eight not accepted, must write 8????????????


It said i had a typo in o 'clock


You have, there is no space in it.


That's because "o" and "'clock" were separate words in the available list of words. And that's my point - I had no alternative, and it still told me I had a typo. The "typo" is in duolingo.


This same thing happened to me too! I used the words I was given and it said I have a typo. It has happened before with have +n't. It corrects it to have not, when I just used the available words in the list.


My sister stood up at eight o'clock today. What is wrong with this?


Got up, in this context, specifically refers to getting out of bed, whereas stood up refers to any other situation where one is not already standing. As a native English speaker, I'd never use stood up in regards to getting out of bed, it just sounds odd.


Don't we have to write "во" instead of "в" ?


No, "во" is only used before some (and not even all) consonant clusters.


I wrote [o'clock], which is correct, but it is marked as a typo!

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