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"В этот раз мне надо лечь спать в девять."

Translation:This time I need to go to bed at nine.

November 11, 2015



same here, i put "i need to go to SLEEP at nine" 'go to bed/go to sleep are interchangeable.


This time I need to go to sleep at nine. yes, wrong.


"This time I have to go to sleep at 9" should be accepted, Duo!


"This time I need to go to sleep at nine" is wrong?! Seriously?!


If this is "go to bed" how do you say "go to sleep"


Is there an alternative phrasing to "this time", such as "currently", "nowadays", "these days" or something like that. "This time" just sounds strange to me (native US english speaker).


I'm not sure I understand when to use надо and when to use нужен. Can somebody explain?


I think there are probably some inaccuracies in the following, but it does set out the basic outline of the differences:

Надо and нужно are adverbs which are used only with verbs, and are mostly interchangeable, with some minor differences - надо is more direct, more "must" (without the option of not doing the thing that "needs" to be done), while нужно implies "really should" - I need to stop drinking coffee by 8 pm or I can't get to sleep. In this exercise, either надо or нужно can be used with the verb-phrase лечь спать "to lie down to sleep" = "to go to bed".

нужен/нужна/нужно/нужны is a short-form adjective used with nominative case nouns only. It often, perhaps always, is used as a predicated adjective, which is separated from the noun it modifies by a verb (which is made difficult to determine because the present tense of "to be" is omitted in Russian."
молоко нужно = "the milk is needed"

When you use an attributive adjective that attaches directly to a noun (the necessary milk), then there is a long-form adjective нужный whose ending -ый is changed to match the case/number/gender of the noun it modifies.

нужное молоко = "the needed milk"

The thing that confused me at first was the fact that Dative indirect objects are used with both the adverbs and the adjectives:
Мне нужно/надо спать = "sleeping is needed by me" "I need to sleep"
Мне нужно молоко = "Milk is needed by me" "I need milk"
мне нужна собака = "A dog is needed by me" "I need a dog"
Мне нужно/надо выгуливать собаку = "I need to walk the dog"


(not a native speaker) From what I understand, we use надо only for verbs, while нужен can work for nouns too. Specifically нужен for masculine нужно for neuter (or for an infinitive) нужна for feminine нужны for plural.


I wrote: "This time I need to go to bed at 9:00." Apparently, Duo doesn't like numerals?


The correct sentence in Russian does not appear on the question page.

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