"Они встретили меня в парке."

Translation:They met me in the park.

November 11, 2015

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It should be noted that the word встречать/ встретить means "to meet up (having already known each other)". If you want to say "i met someone" meaning the first time you met them, having never known them before, use the word познакомить(ся)


"they met up with me in the park" is a casual form as well.


"Мы все встретились в парке" можно тоже да?


That would be "We all met up in the park" as opposed to everyone meeting the speaker at the park.


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What would be the difference from 'they meet me at the park'? Thanks!


This is the perfective past tense. You can tell because the typical past tense ending of a verb is -л / -ла / -ло (m / f / n respectively) (usually you just chop the infinitive ending, such as the -ть, and then just toss the past tense ending on).

"They meet me at the park" would be Они встречают меня в парке. It is the imperfective present tense of the verb "To meet".


What difference does it make with in or at?


I was scanning for that answer too


What is the differenc between встретили and встретились?



Встретить = When a person (group, w/e) meets another person (group, etc.).

In that case, it is: (Nominative subject - who is doing the meeting) встретить (conjugated for subject) (accusative object - who is being met)

Like in this sentence - Они встретили меня - They met me.

Встретиться has that reflexive -ся (-сь) ending, which indicates that the action was reflected/done back onto/shared jointly with the person/group doing it. In that case, it's just... (Nominative subject) встретиться (conjugated for the subject).

For example - Мы встретились в парке - We met in the park.

Hopefully this makes sense, I'm happy to clarify/give further examples if necessary!


the park not a park. A definite article is called for here.

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