"Дедушка сделал нам салат на ужин."

Translation:Grandfather made us salad for dinner.

3 years ago



grandpa made us A salad for dinner" is sufficient as well

3 years ago


I agree with defragmybrain, making a salad for dinner sounds more natural and should be acceptable as well. You would typically make one large salad and everyone would get a serving

2 years ago

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Agree with comments below. As a native English speaker, I would say "made a salad." That implies a large bowl for everyone, or salad as a course of the dinner. Since Russian has no indefinite articles, adding one in English should pretty much always be OK.

It has been 2 years since people commented on this. Please fix it!

4 months ago


Why not for us

6 months ago


I think that "granddad" with a double "d" is North American English - in the UK we usually write "grandad" I believe

4 months ago
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