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"Наша контрольная работа на этом диске."

Translation:Our test is on this disk.

November 11, 2015



Wiktionary says контрольная работа is a "short" test at school. Would that be like what we would call a "quiz" in America? That might be a short test at the beginning of class with 10 vocabulary words or something (sometimes a quiz is a surprise, called a "pop quiz"), while a "test" or "exam" would typically be a test that takes the entire class period, covers at least a chapter's worth of material, and might have different types of questions (multiple choice, true/false, essays, etc).


Latest response ever from a European. Generally, a контрольная работа involves what germans would call any 'Leistungsnachweis', that is to say proof of work and the ability to work (hence the name in Russian). It is a general term that may cover any way to determine a student's ability to get stuff done. Can come in form of a written test or short oral quiz.


test / exam. interchangeable


Контрольная работа seems like such a long word, does it mean something more specific than test?


You can say "тест". It is the same


How do you say thumb drive?


If it is USB, just флешка. You can also say флеш-драйв or USB-флеш-накопитель or USB-накопитель.


Exam should be accepted here too?


Should it? Because "exam" is still not accepted (January 2018).

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