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"Vår familie er deres familie."

Translation:Our family is your family.

November 11, 2015



I find it hard to distinguish "hvor" from "vår" when listening.


I'm also finding it difficult in these exercises.


Toss in the occasional hver at speed…


Same, but grammatical context usually makes it clear.


Context is key. You'll get the hang of it eventually. :)


... is your/their family. so how do i know now who i share a family with? deres always gets me confused :(


Is this a common saying? Like 'my home is your home'?


The closest common saying in Norwegian would be like the "make yourself at home" phrase, føl deg som hjemme.


Most I ever heard was; "Yeah, you can stay here. We have a room."


This is a saying in English, but not in Norwegian.


Spanish, stolen by Americans. Mi casa es tu casa


It is used not only by Americans, lot os other languages have it


Which I won't deny, I just posted what I was certain of at the time.


Wouldn't that mean "My house is you house"? I thought it was "su" to show present possesive when speaking directly to an individual, but it's been a while since I've practiced spanish


Nice profile (flaps hand and curves shoulders)


I reported this sentence because the audio of "familie" is missing. I wasn't sure what boxes to check - I did "audio is missing" and "dictionary hints are missing", but it's neither of them completely. I don't know if the moderators will read this, but just in case. I hope they understand my report with two boxes ticked. Besides, I don't know if the same happens in other sentences with "familie", but I could hear it in the exercise with pictures that introduce the vocabulary.


Could someone please remind me when "vår" takes an "e" on the end? I can't find the relevant lesson.


I believe it's when the noun is a plural, like barna våre (our children) or søstrene våre (our sisters).

vår = masc/fem singular vårt = neuter singular våre = plural


Why isnt "our family ARE your family" right? I thaught that are is when you are talking about many things and when you use "you" (I am Norwegian)


There is a long debate between English and American native speakers about this topic in many places here. In short if you speak about 'family', 'team', 'company' or any other group of people as a unit and do not care about the individuals in it you rather choose the singular verb.


"Family" is a collective singular; "families" is plural.


The word is singular just like in English "My family is." It may convey multiple things inside of it but those things form a collective. "There is one family" / "Det er en familie."


Family is a "mass noun." Basically, its a singular noun that refers to a unit (such a family). Another example of a mass noun would be a committee. Since it's considered a singular, you would use a singular verb.

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